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Artist: Big Shug
Album:  Street Champ
Song:   Walk Away
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Big Shug]
Yeah put the mic down son
You done got all you can get from the game
Go 'head and walk away, I got this now, f'real

I went from, street fighter to beat writer
Since I spit it from the heart I'm hip-hop's insider
With a feel for the game pop cats'll never feel
When you fantasize gangster you could never be real
But from the game, some are so far removed
They transfer themselves into brand new dudes
Brand new moves brand new, attitude
Greedy motherfuckers won't share they food
So we dig deep, reminded of our time on the streets
As we sit back and watch these cats turn sweet
They so sweet, but claim to be thug
I guess that's the effect of your mind on drugs
Stay so high, you feel you can fly
When you come down, you feel you wanna die
I see the eyes, you definitely a lost man
No longer the boss man, you payin the cost man
Walk away

[Big Shug]
Let's face it son, it's been, over for you
Personally, I never, supported your view
How could a man, tell another man what to do
Just to try to sell a million records, or two
Your lost your soul your guts, a long time ago
Youse a copycat dude with a copycat flow
Copycat tracks, copycat fans
I guess now youse, a copycat man
Enjoy your 15 minutes, it's a short time
I know you don't care cause you got Shug's rhyme
Soon to be out of the game, no lights no fame
But plenty of drugs, to the brain
Was it worth it? Yes, for financial gain
But for the rest of your life you wake up with pain
Now you don't have a clue on the next move to do
It's like you never happened, it's like no you
Walk away son