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Artist: Big Shug
Album:  Street Champ
Song:   Street Champ
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Big Shug]
Street champ, street champ is here
Underground baby, let it be told

From the Tobin Bridge, to the Brooklyn Bridge
I'm known for terrorizin, splittin cats wigs
It's not your fault, it's the path I chose
I caught some charges, left some bodies on froze
Yet the girl, did crazy shit to my nose
Hit it in rock form and left my brain on froze
Made money, ridiculous, illegal holds
Slept with dime chicks, wigglin toes
Had a weakness for them gigglin hoes
Once caught a charge for bashin the mo'
F'real I had my piece to his grill when he put my whip, on sold
He let the whip down, I hit him with a stack of dough
It's amazin how people act with the fo'-fo'
First they start shakin then they give up the dough
But the guns, are not what I'm all about
I posess the punchin power to knock a nigga out
It's God gift, to give a nigga a lift
I was born with these weapons for cats who talk shit
But when cats get punches, they bad sports
They claim to be gangster but they take me to court
Sit there, in front of the judge, don't budge
Won't look my way, cause you know I hold a grudge
You puss, so you get no respect
Hopin that the judge give you all of my checks
You soft as sherbert, your first name's Herbert
I would take you out, but it's just not worth it
Youse a coward, a silly Duck like Howard
You'll never get a chance cause I'm the street champ

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I'm the street champ, I carry the arms
I, go for the gold, some settle for bronze
I done did dirt, I done told you before
Enter the ring bitch let's settle the score

[Big Shug]
I'm hittin the second stage, still got the gloves on
About to take revenge on all who did me wrong
Better hide, you do better talkin behind my back
Get caught, get clapped, tied to the train tracks
I seen it all, plus my father is dead
So I walk around, with his dreams in my head
Pursue career, take care of fam, hustle for dough
Slap the fake niggaz who try to stop your flow
I'm not a hot head, but I can't spot red
If it was up to you I too would be dead
Rose up from the canvas, to claim my belt
Accolades of a champion is what I felt

[Chorus] - echoes after second repeat to end