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Artist: Big Shug
Album:  Street Champ
Song:   It Just Don't Stop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Big Shug]
Yeah, yeah, Big Shug baby
Premier, Big Shug
Premier, Premier, yeah, yeah, uh-huh
{*"no it just don't stop"*} Two-two-two...
Here we go, go, uh-huh {*"You know what?"*}

It's a shame; now y'all got big deals
You feel there's no need for the wheels of the steel
You want a legend to borrow the bottle
But he won't, he'll give it back to you tomorrow
Preem's the master of the street themes and such
You niggaz forgot, cause you so out of touch
Some claim, they got the new Preem
But they live the life of nightmares, not dreams
Who resurrected your career at the best time
Even though you herb he made y'all sound so grime
Time after time, he gave you hits
But in return, you gave him bullshit
For the new sound, you niggaz are slaves
You got Biggie and 'Pac, turnin in they graves
Big L'll come back from the stone
Hit you with some moves, street Corleone
Primo, makes beats for the flow
Worldwide shows, worldwide hoes
He break records, I break necks
We're the last two standin for GangStarr respect
'Long as we live it'll be real music
Play the records, or we'll get real abusive
We pop rap buffers, stage fucker-uppers
No guts no glory, you know the story
For the real shit you still wanna hear
It's still your niggaz... Big Shug and Premier...

Yeah, y'all know what time it is you see
I can't believe, some of you niggaz done forgot
About that real neckbreakin music from DJ Premier
I know you done made money and went corporate
But nigga you KNOW you 'sposed to have that shit from Premier
And you, Mr. Nasty Man, we all loved your shit
But you know, you need DJ Premier
It is what it is
And yo, little fella
We doin alright, come back by the crib
Cause you know, that you need, DJ Premier
Peace to Team Shug, Street Champ
Love for my family, peace...