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Artist: Big Shug
Album:  Street Champ
Song:   Exposed
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Big Shug]
Yeah we found out about you boy
You been exposed
You knew we was gon' know, you knew we knew anyway but
We puttin it out there now, you feel me?

Exposed, exposed, exposed
We found out, we found out, we found out

[Big Shug]
No more handouts, no more sucker-ass cats
who claim to have the floorplan for this game of rap
With the false promises like they know the route
You be tryin to grind, while they tryin to be cute
They not gangster, but they tell people they are
Youse a fake-ass nigga tryin to be a star
When the last time you been in a beef, or a broad
I'll give ya two seconds, you can't recall
You ain't never walked in the gutter got gully or nothin
You studied my lifestyle to get you somethin
But I stopped short of punchin you dead in the nose
Takin only your jewels, strippin you of your clothes
You soon to be exposed, and that's enough
It's unbelievable how long you held the bluff
You two days from gettin, snuffed and slashed
I'ma take my belt off, and whip your ass!

[Chorus] - 2X

[Big Shug]
Give it up duke, you done made a million or more
Tryin to shut them fly niggaz like me from tour
And your manager, tryin to front fly and shit
Nice car, nice chips, dumb as a brick
No sweat what comes around goes around we know that
Loyalty means nothin to you, you showed that
And all that talk about bein a man that's bullshit
I heard the "Flavor of Love" could use a new bitch
Youse a Moe nigga, you pay for your chips
Talk greasy shit to me and get, punched in your lips
No I don't trip, I'm makin moves on new shit
And you and your corny friends have been dismissed
Fuck it's not a hate thing I don't get down like that
It's a real thing, so I stay close to the gat
And I'm watchin you so you better stay on your toes
Your reign is over bitch, you done been exposed, f'real

[Chorus] - 2X

[Big Shug]
Youse a wah wah nigga, a straight baby nigga
You want what you want and your way, not today
In front of niggaz, you wanna do me harm
Behind my back you straight, cryin to your moms
Youse a grown-ass man but wanna be a kid
Go home and be the little brother to your sibs
I'll break the ribs and show the whole world you ass
I can't believe, how long you lasted
Soon you get blasted, I can see the future
Your face ain't nothin but cuts and bruises
Blood on your face, strapped to a pole
Wit'cha big boyfriend runnin up in your hole
You been exposed, you can't hide now
Here go 'head and end it, click click blaow~!
Yo we know the deal baby, you been exposed
Don't come around us no more, or we gon' tear your lil' ass up

[Chorus] - 2X

Ah hah, Shug Diamonds baby
Big Shug, we know about it now
The whole world know your fakeness, bitch ass