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Artist: Big Shug
Album:  Street Champ
Song:   Call Me Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hello, I'm not home right now, I'm probably busy
So at the sound of the beep, leave your message
And I'll return your call, as soon as I can
Peace, okay?

[Big Shug]
Whattup duke? It's your man again
No fakeness, cornball, or shenanigans
Real talk, comin from the thoroughest
Broke bread with Brooklyn nappy borough kids
Time after time you tried to stop my rhyme
But I'm all chest and heart and you got no spine
I was born to lead, you was born to bleed
Youse a slowpoke nigga so I move with speed
Update - you higher and you can't be found
I heard you and your man was suckin dicks out of town
You throw dirt we shovel that shit back
And when we catch your lil' ass we gon' snap your back
One thing, I just can't understand
You got a big mouth for a little-ass man
Try to leave me hangin, without the rope
I got enough rope to leave your punk-ass choked
You know me, I don't speak just to scare you
You know my resume and the things that I do
Like, punch cats, in they solar plex'
Leave nasty holes, in they face and they chest
When you get the message, give me a call
And we'll meet up and I'll kick you, dead in the balls
Call me back BITCH, call me back~!
Yeah... {*hangs up phone*}