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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3.5
Song:   Jambalaya
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Yeah.. RAPPER!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yo, half a score I reported, you retorted
I'm the tortoise, you the hare
People stare when you care, invitin fear 
Listen here, I ain't fair, this a circle, there's a square
Hear the swears from the squares peggin themselves as the present
Kings disassociate from peasants, who should be impressed 
by the presence, I come baring gifts
Jumpin off the proverbial cliff - take a dip
Bitches strip for the chance to shake it good for a caretaker
Takin good care of niggaz paper, they don't love you when you broke 
When you holdin, bitches catchin vapors
Catch a L bumpin "Rolling Papers"
Honey Jack no chasers, please, do me no favors
Different flavors, sweatpants, pair of gators, these are players 
in the lobby of the Ponchartrain, thinkin I done gone insane
Throwin money all in vain, pick it up - that's change!
Knowin from this day forward, I'll never be the same, niggaz know

Yo, I got it, yo yo, I got it
Put it in a pot, stir it up, it's all logic
(Niggaz know) Yo, I got it, yo yo, I got it
Put it in a bowl, serve it up, it's all profit
Yo, I got it, yo yo, I got it got it

[Rapper Big Pooh]
This is hip-hop, niggaz wearin flip-flops
Thinkin they the shit cause they designer - FUCKIN prima donnas!
I do this for wonder rhymers, respect to the old timers
I'm the snake charmer, comma, the one you don't want it wit!
Niggaz scared to death, who he runnin wit? Me!
I don't need no cosign, I'm like the government
Countin my coins, this is life depicted by Donald Goines
Feel sorry for the fruit of my loins, this the earth you inherit
Here's a carrot to the horses in the back
9th Wonder all over the track - niggaz know~!
This the glow of Bruce Leroy, smashin all decoys
Regroup? Nah, niggaz here to recoup and destroy
I'm out of for everything, money and the props
Pooh and 9th back to slangin that dope - this red tops, nigga!