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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh 
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh, Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas
Song:   Hard to Get
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"This was my 21st birthday uh, yanahmsayin?
 I was with this chick about a cool two months
 You know what I'm sayin? Goin hard at her
 Like REALLY y'know, throwin game at this chick
 But she had a man, I really- I was runnin in place kinda sorta, y'know 
 We kiss and all that, y'know we'd make out
 But I never could smash cause she was tryin to be faithful to her man
 You know how that bullshit goes - anyway, my 21st birthday, it was a wrap
 So I hit her up like, 'Wassup?! You gon' come hang with me on my 21st birthday?'
 And she's on the phone soundin all sad and shit and she's like,
 'No.. I CAN'T!' And I'm like, 'Why? What's goin on? What's wrong?'
 And she's like, 'My boyfriend got shot today!' And I just, y'know, sit there for a second
 Then I go.. 'Well alright~!! Happy birthday to ME! So wassup?! You're gonna come thru or what?'
 HAHAHAHA! But yeah, long story short., she never did kick it with me that day
 Her boyfriend pulled through and I never did get to smash
 Can't win 'em all, but yeah, that's about the funniest, craziest most fucked-up
 birthday I ever had, I feel like a pitiful person tellin this shit
 But that shit was funny, brah! I was drunk man, shit happens"