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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Torae
Album:  Dirty Pretty Things
Song:   Are You Ready
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I wanna know is EVERYBODY READY?? (YEAH!!)
Alright, here we go!

[Intro: Torae]
Hey yo, Pooh, nigga
You already know what it is, dunn
 Word up (Yeah!!)
Fuck around and turn my hat backwards or something, nahmean?
Workin my Chapstick, nigga

Uh, here we go again, back to that goin in
Pen the repeat offender, you rap niggaz know what it IS!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Or what it was, no buzz
It's a million motherfuckers workin just like us

But they don't spit it like us, makin shit like us
Lot of copycat rappers couldn't get it like us

[Rapper Big Pooh]
And we don't speak like y'all, we ain't weak like y'all
Take them training wheels off and you bound to fall
We down by law, y'all CB4

But they don't see these bars, lot of weaklings, god
Whenever we record, niggaz see we raw
They know T-T raw, anything he score
Like MJ in the fall, this shit bang in the Porsche
My shit, bang on the porch, the more awesome record
in this side of the board, this is how I destroy
You a coward to +Crooked I+ and any +House+ I'ma +Slaughter+

[Chorus: cuts and scratches by DJ Flash]
"Y'all don't want no war with us" <- Nas
"Y'all niggaz better stop" <- Big L
"Stop frontin" "The wait is over" "We on the rise" 
"We keeps it real inside the battlefield" <- Kool G. Rap
"Y'all don't want no war with us" <- Nas
"Y'all niggaz better stop frontin" <- Big L
"The wait is over" "We on the rise" 
"Ain't no shame in my game, we do our thing son" <- Kool G. Rap

[Rapper Big Pooh]
We back, here we go again, back to the show again
Niggaz get ya levee tight, Coney Island flowin in

VA to Cak-a-lak, prize in the Cracker Jack
+He-Man+ no Battle-Cat, dawg where the battles at?

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Niggaz just chitty-chat, waitin for a piggy back
Internet, blogger type, soft as a kitty cat

Bluffin like it's pitty-pat, cards in the deck
We the gods of the internet, the stars of cassette
Don't get scarred off your threats

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Naw, back to bih'ness, homie
You see the bih'ness, homie? This is God-given
Self-driven, riveting pictures I paint
How you livin? Witnessin something you ain't
No cubicle, shine more suitable
Rhyme more reputable, losers be delusional
The suspect's usual, egos get bruise and know
careers get a funeral, leave 'em lookin stupid so.. are you ready?