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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Choklate
Album:  Dirty Pretty Things
Song:   They Say (Choklate Deluxe Edition)
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[Intro: Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh... And this is for, ha...
This is for my niggaz, y'know..
The ones, that's still my niggaz, haha! Yo...

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I done heard I was crazy
Niggaz ain't want me to make my first album
(How COME??) Guess they was nervous of the outcome
Get it done anyway, FUCK what the people say
As we look around, notice who ain't with me here today
My circle gettin small, my legend growin bigger
And I'm yet to reach my apex, go figure
All the respect I accumulated
You could times that by ten and it's understated
I done been shot down, underestimated
I done seen plenty try, I'm the one that made it
I ain't related to ya failures, young'n I'm no loser
Icebox flow, novice niggaz just coolers
+Slick+ as +The Ruler+, purpose be the jewlery
'Bout makin moves, rest of y'all tomfoolery
Ain't nobody true as me, ain't nobody cool as he
Y'all about truancy, I'm all about brew to see
They say..

[Chorus: Choklate]
They say they know, but they don't
Say we should go, but we won't
They say so much, but I don't
Let 'em say what they want (Say what you want)

[Rapper Big Pooh]
The world don't stop cause my foot is on the brake
My belly ain't full when there's food on your plate
I'm tired of niggaz talkin 'bout how they ain't ate
But sittin on the net perpetratin like they straight
The pace is the pace, I know egos do inflate
This life ain't a movie dawg, it's only one slate
It's only one boss, Flintstone, no brakes
This is all protein (Muscle Milk!) no shakes
It's written on your face, I can no longer toy
with grown-ass men Peter Pan'n such boys
We all make noise, my frequency is favored
+Return of the Jedi+, better have your lightsaber
We can be neighbors, never more friends
Loyalty is royalty, you'll get it in the end
I did it once again, it's honor to the death
of HOJ 'til I'm done, nothing left


Forgive me for the second that I lost my cool
Creeped outside of my zone while in endzone crusin
Loose with the venom, spirit seerin 'em and choosin
Greatness over settlin for further verbal brusin
I can't wanna get it, I'm supposed to just POV
and stall on my callin and ball on 'em all
Maybe it's for the best of me to keep climbin on
Get out to the crest of the mount' on my own~!
Give the glory to the heavens, manifest good fruit
What you gettin is for you for you to get at who you due
I ain't nobody's saint, I'm bound to fall too
Gettin up out there's a shade of a warrior's cue
The battle is within and only few got a clue
They're fightin without the inner attack is how you lose
Sittin down at dinner but you not cookin the food
And fat ain't trimmed and the juice ain't cool
SOMEBODY tell me how the community got room
to be, crabs in the bucket and the culture be abused
Now it's no longer special when we touch the soul's groove
We're only really makin-makin room for the true (They say!!)