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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh 
Album:  Dirty Pretty Things
Song:   ShoutemOutro 2
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("Angel of my life, watching on me")

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Gotta put some phase on my voice
("Look of love, look of love, look of love")
Multiphase ("That last for eternity") {Family Biz} 

Yo.. waddup! I wanna thank y'all for tunin in
Hope I ain't take up too much of your time, y'know?

Four years in the makin, I gotta thank those
Who stuck by me, cause I require patience
To search for perfection, comin up short
And yet and still energized by support
I'm back to business, discard the training wheels
I'm like a sniper on the roof - trained to kill
My aim is ill as I watch emotions spill
on the pages, now I'm thinkin 'bout my next meal
Next song, next record, next deal
Let me take a moment to express how I feel
This is gratitude, this is so far removed
from most niggaz, and they attitudes
I'm just a regular nigga, this ain't regular shit
I don't know 'bout y'all, I was born with a gift
Who you know that can riff, like ya ol' boy
Eddie Kang Jr. and I finish this - sheeeeeit~!

Yo, just wanna give a big shout out 
to everybody that contributed in the making of this album
It wouldn't be what it is without you
I also wanna shout out, y'know, couple of the artists
that I fuck with, cause I'm a fan, haha!
Shout out to Killer Mike, Pac Div, DJ Quik, Ab-Soul 
Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, the whole TDE
Waddup Willie B? Dave Free, yanahmsayin?
Shout out to my man Black Milk, waddup Bad Lucc?
V-Stylez, Soul Brother #1 Pete Rock!
Shout out to the whole Strong Arm Steady gang
Shout out to Oh No, Roc C., the Ox is definitely in the building!
Waddup, Dae One? Shout out to Alchemist - Ah-ah-ah-ah-Alchemist!
Hahaha! Waddup, Ev'? Babu, Rakaa, DJ Rhettmatic
Shout out to the big homie, Montage One
Shout to the, to the homie Rhymefest, out in Chicago
Waddup Naledge? Shout out to the nigga with the prettiest hair in rap, Double-O
Shout out to the homie 14KT, waddup Danny Brown?
Pharoahe Monch, Elzhi, Royce Da 5'9", T3, waddup Young RJ?
Ras Kass, Scrap Dirty, Bishop Lamont, Chevy, G. Malone
KIDA, Frank Nitt, Big K.R.I.T., Big Sant 
The grindinest nigga I know - Mistah F.A.B.
Big shout out, to couple of my big brothers 
De La Soul, I appreciate them bringin me out on tour
Shout out to Smilez, kept a nigga drunk off Patron er'ry night, heh
Shout out to the whole Hieroglyphics, waddup to ya homie Warren J down in South Carolina
Mickey Halstead, Jake One, Vitamin D, Kardinal Offishall, J. Pinder
Guilty Simpson, Sha Stimuli, Sean P.
Johnny Gill is Sean P.'s favorite singer, y'all - that's his favorite singer!
King Mez, Apollo Brown, Camp Lo, Tanya Morgan, Chino XL, Playboy Tre
Apathy, Scoop DeVille, Ryu, DJ Jaycee, Statik Selecktah, waddup Term'?
Shout out to uh.. y'know, couple people that ain't artists but..
I fuck wit 'em anyway, yuhmean? Andreas Hale, Yaya Martinez, Mattlocks
Maronzio Vance, Janice, waddup Devi Dev? Marlon Byrd, 'Brayo Franklin
Langston Walker, George Foster, Dannell Ellerbe, Hex Murda
Hustle Simmons, wassup Terrance? Hahahaha! Jay Moore, Miya Bailey
Tuki Carter, waddup House Shoes? B. Kleezy 
Mel Lindsey - waddup on some kicks, Mel? Size 10, nigga!
I know you wear a 10, quit wearin all the shoes
Shout out to a couple of folks I follow on Twitter man, I gotta give
Y'know definitely a couple shout-outs I gotta give man
cause they keep me entertained in the late night hour
Waddup to @MurdaTre, @DragonflyJonez, @StephanieBengal, @theZGA
@jose3030, @KarmaSerene, @4point0show, @SikkCaden
I'm pretty sure there's many more man
I'm pretty sure there's many more, it-it's couple people I forgot
Blame it on the mind and not the heart
Dirty Pretty Things, it's here! Finally, it's been 4 years, man!
Blood sweat and tears, made with love
I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you loved it
I hope you really took it in and digested it
I mean, there's a lotta people who said I wouldn't make it this far
And uh.. all I'ma do- I ain't gonna give 'em the middle finger
I ain't gon' tell 'em "Fuck you!", nunna that! Nunna that
All I'ma do is send you a smile.. you see me smilin, nigga?
Hehe~! You hear me laughin, nigga?
HOJ, Fat Boy Fresh, For Members Only
This just one of many, and I got plenty, believe that