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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Focus...
Album:  Dirty Pretty Things
Song:   Right With You
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Yo.. It's Rapper
Are you listening?
{Sound without +Focus...+ is just, noise}
I hope you takin note, hope you payin attention

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I'm tryna like it's '99
Lookin back, I remember everything was fine
Maybe not, baby, maybe I was bein blind
Genu-wine with my time, I would write a rhyme
Go to school, go to work, then the studio
308 North Hall, that was truly though
The first time I felt we was the perfect match
We fucked around in the past, I was too detached
Clearly overmatched, slightly overwhelmed
I saw you in my future, couldn't take the helm
I'm in another space, still happy
Did you ever really see my face? All smiles
All the while I'm in another place
This becoming an addiction but I love the chase
Searchin for that first high, never destined to return
Usher playin loud - "Let it +Burn+, baby +Burn+"
It's burnin

[Chorus: Focus...]
As long as I'm here, I can't just let it die
Cause I wanna get it right for you
I'ma do as much as I can, gotta let me try
Cause I wanna get it right with you
Make it right with you ahh, you ahh, you, ahh, ah
Make it right with you ahh, you ahh, you, ahh, ah
Make it righht with you

[Rapper Big Pooh]
If you let it go, when it comes back
Maybe it was meant to be, I'm dreamin 'bout
you and I, what a sight to see
We already friends, I enjoy your company
Seein how my boys ack', like they like you more than me
That kinda turn me on and evoke jealousy
I love our inner action, adore bein with you
We were having fun, up to see the sun
Neglect needin funds cause I bond to see us through it
Push baby push, Nike checks, +Just Do It+
Now I'm goin through it, you tuggin at the heart
It grained in my soul, a part of my mind
A piece of my existence, now you understand
Tryna lead my resistance, what about a break
'fore you break a nigga spirit? I probably need time
to myself but I fear it, I miss you.. already


[Rapper Big Pooh]
Off a hiatus, I move a lil' different
I see you changed too, but somethin seems missing
You not the same one, I gave my heart to
Thinkin I'ma treat you like them other niggaz do
What we had was special, what it is now? 
You been impregnated, overrun by kids how?
You let yourself go, you were a queen now
You fiend for that dough, we would take it slow
And let it marinate, cookin up dishes
Have 'em beggin for a plate, that's past tense, baby
Look who bat crazy, maybe me cause I still
want you as my lady, I been thinkin 'bout 
relationships here lately, this is one-sided
All them things that you used to give {I PROVIDE IT}
Ain't no need to hide it, affair's never stopped
You will always be my #1 girl: hip-hop