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Artist: Big Mike
Album:  Somethin Serious
Song:   Smoke Em & Choke Em
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Like that
Come on, come on, come on
Smoke 'em and choke 'em like the motherfuckin Peterman


You ain't know?

(Smoke 'em, then choke 'em like the motherfuckin Peterman)
(Smoke 'em, then choke 'em like the motherfuckin Peterman)
Come on, come on, come on
(Smoke 'em, then choke 'em like the motherfuckin Peterman)
One time for yo mind
(Now they got the flashlight lookin for Big Mike)

[ VERSE 1: Big Mike ]
Ah yeah, the Peterman's back in the thick of shit
Gettin down for mine, takin care of business, bitch
Y'all remember me, the nigga who stepped out the house at ten o'clock
Fired a couple of shots and shook up the whole block
Well now I'm back and motherfuckers wanna flex
I let 'em fess cause I'm known for givin two to the chest
Now there's a lot of down niggas that know of me
But on the other hand there's a few that ain't sho' of me
So I'ma take care of my business
Right, and let them motherfuckers know that the Peterman is in this
Since I been away some wanna say I ain't able
I played the game long enough, it's time to take the money off the table
And put a end to all that bullshit sayin
Because I'm true to the motherfuckin game that I'm playin
See it's a job, not a motherfuckin hobby
You hoes don't know me, you better ask somebody
And ahm

[ VERSE 2: Big Mike ]
Bang-bang, niggas fell down when they ran up
1993 jack move, get your hands up
Niggas fall to the wayside tryina play fly
Fuck around with me, can wave your family bye-bye
Had to kill a copper for some shit he tried to do to me
Steady makin money cause the dope game ain't new to me
Steady stackin paper with my niggas and we all in
And it ain't no stoppin this player from New Orleans
9th Ward always hard, nigga never pulled my card
Fuck around with me, they'll find your ass lyin in the morgue
Laid out, niggas got played out
Opposition faded out, niggas wanna know how I made it out
So I just play that pimp role on 'em
Be makin 'em, thankin 'em, lovin 'em when I just really be wantin to bone 'em
And they daddies can't understand
Yeah, cause ain't nann nigga layin mo' dick than the Peterman

[ VERSE 3: Big Mike ]
1-2, 1-2, motherfuckers, here I go again
Run and tell a fuckin friend, Big Mike's on the hunt again
Huntin niggas, gunnin niggas
Hittin niggas, splittin niggas
Grabbin niggas, stabbin niggas
Chokin niggas, smokin niggas
Takin 'em to the motherfuckin max
Niggas get back when I drop this motherfuckin axe
Dead across the back of a hoe
Niggas catch a blow
Bitches get stitches
And robbed for their fuckin riches
Cause I be the nigga you never seen
Worse than a fuckin bad dream and deadlier than a guillotine
Choppin motherfuckers in pieces
Dumpin their bodies in rivers and watch it wash up on beaches
I'm from that 9 where niggas don't mind dyin
Always packin iron, fool, I ain't lyin
So when you see them niggas ru-ru-runnin
Look who's c-comin through
The motherfuckin Peterman

Right back up on yo ass
The southern way
No other way
Fuck what another say
That's my motto
That new thang
New slang
Watch out for that new ( ? )
It's like that y'all