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Artist: Big Mike
Album:  Somethin Serious
Song:   Somethin Serious
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Big Mike ]
It don't stop until I put my bank on fat
Me go broke? Nigga, how could you picture that?
It's no joke, this ain't no fly-by-night thing
Just another hype thing comin from Big Mike, mayne
Look, the B to the i to the g
To the M to the i to the k to the e
Will stutter-step all over your ass if you let me
Sweat me, never will you niggas come close
( ? ) motherfuckin house, so won't you get ghost
Nigga, like that, push, you're gone
Hoe, I thought you knew it was on
The P-e-t-e-r-m-a-n
Is fuckin up the scenery, so run and tell a friend
Once again never blend but I roll through your set
Got that heat for yo ass, A-Dog left your homeboy wet
Drippin sweat from my cold-ass black skin
Puttin motherfuckers on they back just for askin
Who is Big Mike, who is Peterman
Still that gangsta-ass nigga nobody can understand
Fool, I'm somethin serious

[ VERSE 2: Big Mike ]
I consider myself a joint and everybody wanna take a hit
Vic, another hit till I got a lit
Reclinin on the couch blowin smoke out the nose and mouth
And like a rose I simply fades out
Leavin 'em fiendin, not believin what they seein
They be askin, 'Is this nigga real or am I fuckin dreamin?'
But you ain't dreamin, you fuckin with that potent
Killa, nigga, so take it like when you be totin
Ain't no chokin, cause every time you hit me I'm smooth
Feelin cool, got yo ass in that gangsta mood
Like you rewind, step back through time
Feelin like a pimp and now you wanna keep your bitches in line
Got yo ass feelin wonderful
( ? ) your rag, grabbin a zag, then you rollin up another one
Fool, cause I'm servin that shit that's makin you niggas aggravated
Somethin serious, I know you hate it

[ VERSE 3: Big Mike ]
It's a motherfuckin murder when you heard of a nigga like me
On a flowin spree, fuckin up son of a bitches majorly
Get the spoon ready cause mama got the soup on
I'm shoppin for bodies and I ain't even got a coupon
It's the Peterman, niggas'll never understand
I was born with this mic attached to my fuckin hand
So that means I was a MC since birth, blessed
To take over the Southwest
I got my hand on the trigger and ready to pull it
Any son of a bitch who crossin me bites the bullet
My opposition is small, my niggas are fit
I'm known for puttin out hits on these motherfuckin tricks
So run and get your motherfuckin crew befo' I hurt ya
Cause like I said befo' this is a motherfuckin murder
And I'ma keep on murderin, yes I keep on murderin
Lick shot, lick shot until I hit your bloodclot
Yeah, cause you're dealin with somethin serious
So run and get your crew while you're hearin this
Yeah, make a move
And watch this motherfucker show and prove