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Artist: Big Mike
Album:  Somethin Serious
Song:   Southern Thang
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Break 'em off like this
The southern way
Y'all don't hear me

(Big Mike
Fool, you take a nigga way, way, way back) Fool, can I?
Remember growin up in New Orleans, Louisiana
And I was just a little nigga back at that time
Straight gettin mine, huh, without packin a nine
With my Levi's and low-top Chucks
And a sun-visor my cousin made into pimp with a tilt and then we hit the bus
On my way Uptown, with no haste
Me and homies, cause a jam was takin place
Straight block party, ready to be pumped
Yeah, jammin that Trouble Fiunk
And everybody was ready to get they jam on
Huhm, even the girls with the tampons
Totin on ( ? ) 40 ounces of beer
Nobody in fear, cause it was goin on out here
Geah, cause it was on
Pussy poppin throughout the projects, y'all, to the break of dawn
Butt jumpin, ( ? ) steady pumpin
Had a pocket full of phone numbers cause the hoes wasn't frontin
Somethin tight to see
I wish every night could be like them days in '83
Young and old both had play
Talkin 'bout 'Hey Pocky A-Way' all motherfuckin day
And I was right in the middle of it
Takin it all in, ghetto love, not just a little of it
It's like that y'all
It's like that y'all
Come on
It's like that y'all
As I take 'em way back