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Artist: Big Mike
Album:  Somethin Serious
Song:   Ghetto Love
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Here's a little story that must be told)
About some shit I encountered at 17 years old

It's like this
I'm 17 and I feel I need to get my ass on out
Of my grandmama's house
Feelin like I don't need to obey no rules
And I choose to make money and fuck hoes over school
So I cruise up and down the block
With a gang of niggas and a pocket full of motherfuckin rocks
And a whole lotta game for the fiends
Cause this black-ass nigga on a mission ain't takin shorts by no means
And I seen everything from hoes I used to know sellin ass
To motherfuckers dead from the blast movin fast
Gettin caught up in the drama
Now I'm able to do things for my little mama
And she appreciated every little bit of it
Spendin all her time lookin out for me and shit
Lettin me know when the situation's gettin shady
And I'm startin to feel love for this young lady
Cause she was downer than a motherfucker
In love wit a nigga like me, but yo she kept it on the undercover
She used to say our business ain't show business
And them other bitches business ain't yo business
So I had to keep her close at hand
While I was comin up, cause she was down with her man
Understand she grew up with next to nothin
And was sick of seein her shit gettin stole every month then
Cause her mama smokin up the whole house
Now she gotta get her shit together cause she gots to roll on out
And the only motherfucker showin love is her nig'
That's why she did the shit she did
Hit the mall, steal me and her some clothes
Hit a lick and break a nigga off some vogues
For my motherfuckin car
She looked out for me, so I looked out for her
Like that? Yeah, it was like that
Didn't sweat a bitch cause when I left she'd know I be right back
We might fight, black, but it never last long
If you try to come between us, nigga, get yo ass on
Like them niggas that I hang with
Let me know they ain't down, they tryina get at my thang and shit
Had to know what has happenin
Wasn't like the average nigga gettin caught up in that high cappin
What you got don't mean shit
And I was quick to get in the mix behind my bitch
Far from a trick, and never did she ask for shit
Everything she got, she deserved it
Young love in the ghetto, hello
Knew I had a down hoe, didn't wanna let go
Straight based on trust
And while other motherfuckers got crushed they couldn't fuck with us
To fuck with while we were rollin was unwise, G
Cause we were fully strapped, jammin them Isleys
(Drifting on a memory)
Too deep
(Ain't no place I'd rather be)
Rollin with somethin sweet
So unique
You know where I wanna be?
Know where I gotta be?
You know where I'm at?