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Artist: Big Mike
Album:  Somethin Serious
Song:   Get Over That
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Get over that shit, look over that shit
Prepare yourself to run into some mo' of that shit

[ VERSE 1: Big Mike ]
I ain't trippin off these bitches, cause lessons in life are free
And I have yet to find a motherfuckin wife for me
Take for instance Ebony
She had to be the finest hoe in H-Town, but she wasn't the one for me
She was the friend of a hoe that I knew from way back befo' named Tanya
I wanted to run up inside her
But unfortunately I never had the chance to
Walk my dick through her motherfuckikn panties
(And I never choose to lose
To play the game, I only wanted to)
Be her motherfuckin man, but she couldn't undertand
So I had to axe her ass out the plan
Three years later and now I got a record out
I'm hangin out at Carrington, she wanted me to check her out
But I didn't, I dissed her, cause she was old news
But her friend with the attitude was so cool
Pardon me, can I have your number? I was bashful
How can I not be, when baby had a ass full
Of satin panties, in between her ass cheeks
Got her number (Did you hit it?) No need to ask me
We kicked it for a couple of months and everything was shiny
Until the hoe couldn't find me
Ran behind me, even though she wouldn't admit the shit
We fell out of love, so I had to quit the bitch
And it woulda been like any other hoe, but it was complicated
But it was kinda tight, so I hesitated
And instead of gettin my roll on
I was a stupid motherfucker and got hurt tryina hold on
(I only wanted to be there for you
And care for you forever fool)
For-ever fool, we folded
I was fuckin over her and somebody told it
And all she coulda said was, 'Damn, I shoulda known it'
And me bein the nigga that I am I realized that I've blowned it
Tryina be the mack over here
Huh, and got hit with the payback of the year
Cause when it came to mackin I thought I wrote the book
But the book ain't tell me shit about the shoe bein on the other foot
Take a closer look, we used to be on
But now it's all gone


[ VERSE 2: Big Mike ]
So it comes down to this, another heartbreakin moment
Our feelings got hurt, we're feelin pissed, nobody's bein missed
Cause even though I like to bone ya
Baby, yo attitude ain't worth about shit
So I'ma say bye-bye to ya rather than lie to ya
Packin up yo shit without givin no reason why to ya
Cause you chose to play me rather than please me
Now you cry cause you don't wanna leave me
But baby, here's a tissue, look here, no, I won't miss you
Don't cry on my shoulder, I don't wanna kiss you
You shoulda thought about it before you did it
Huh, but you didn't, so I had to end it
And I meant it, ain't no gettin back
I'm 86-in yo ass like that
Cause you used to a sweet (thing)
But now you gotta hear me (sing)
Abotu yo ass, so bye-bye, love
Your smile was pretty but yo attitude was shitty
So shitty to the point where you can keep them gold rings
Huh, know what I'm sayin?