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Artist: Big Mike
Album:  Somethin Serious
Song:   Comin From the Swamp
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

When you get back
You need to holla atcha boy, mayne
You know

(It's the bigger, the blacker, the nigga comin from that swamp
 ? )

[ VERSE 1: Big Mike ]
And it don't stop, so keep it goin
1994 and the bitches still hoein
Niggas still slingin that shit on the side
Make the wrong move, you might go for a ride
All my niggas in the hood still got game
And it goes to show ya, ain't a damn thang changed
Nigga, huh, you wanna claim that you OG
But you ain't original if you don't wanna see the GB
Climb to the top of thangs
Clock a big fat grip and break off the proper thangs
Hoes in the neighborhood
Be all on the dick cause they know that the flavor's good
And like I told you befo', on the one it don't stop
My nigga got a brand new drop
So when you thinkin about steppin up you better step strong
Cause you know it's gon' be on
When you're dealin with the

[ VERSE 2: Big Mike ]
A-one-two, you know I gots ta
Three-fo', break you off proper
Like soap cause you know we rollin
So hey hoe, come and get your foldin
Yeah, for the number one nigga out the south
Fadin all you niggas runnin off at the motherfuckin mouth
Just like a faucet
So drop those Girbauds, hoes, and let me toss it
And recognize a real nigga when you see one
(There's somethin about them Mikes - everybody wanna be one)
I'm tryina give your ass the deal
You think you got a down-ass nigga, bitch, you better get with the real
Cause you know we like to handle those
Like Monique in South Central, straight up skanless hoes
Huh, I had to move that hoe
Let my muddy water ( ? ) that hoe
It's the

[ VERSE 3: Big Mike ]
I done put it down, nigga, now what the fuck you gon' do for me
I guess I'm just another nigga that you see
Doin bad, so you shovelin me to the wayside
There ain't no love in this town, that's why I stay high
Full of that shit, cause I really don't give a fuck
I'm doin bad right now, livin on nigga luck
Dreamin of bigger bucks but it ain't comin to me
And you want me to believe that shit that you runnin to me?
About you down, we be down, nigga fuck that
Until I gets mine you gets no love back
Cause I am what I am, man
I made a come-up, ain't nobody gave me a damn thang
It's the