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Artist: Big Mike
Album:  Serious As Can Be
Song:   You Niggas Ain't Holdin'
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1 ]
I'm straight up out that gutta, for y'all who ain't heard about me
I'm Big Mike, that G who grew up with all them hustlers round me
Drug dealin and sinnin, layin with the finest women
Whippin Cadillacs way back when before them rims start spinnin
Meanin I'm vintage, still 'bout it after seven years sentenced
Still hungry like in the beginnin, homie, I'm so relentless
Hot and burnin like fire, sittin on 30-inch tires
Haters foreseen my coming, forfeited the crown and retired
Not with that ( ? ) pussies, put that on my grandma
They pop gum and they ain't bout nothin, they don't really wanna see that drama
I'm draped like Tutenchamun, re-born like the Dalai Lama
We riders gettin ours, bitch niggas, they get nada
I got no time for scandals, workin with what they can't handle
Vacationin in Puerto Boyacá, ( ? ) linen and sandals
Drinkin on cold coladas, ass pocket full of dollars
Or on MLK with my partners shinin remindin you that, that

You niggas ain't holdin
The SLAB and the candy car
You niggas ain't holdin
A cup of drank and a few handle bars
You niggas ain't holdin
I'm the player holdin all the cards
Look, you ain't like me
You niggas ain't holdin

[ VERSE 2 ]
Yeah, I'm out that Gert Town, New Orleans, 17th Ward
Many came after me but the truth is most of 'em fraud
Ain't holdin a ( ? ), .44 mag, automatics, got that
I flow like Joe smoke, the homies stayin high off that contact
I know where to draw that line at, cross it and I'ma show you where that nine at
Game, money, hoes, jewelry, cars, clothes - can you buy that?
Who shot that arrow, who lit that fire, who sent that warning
Who sent them pussy boys runnin on that Mardi Gras morning?
It was he, the B-i-g M-i-k-e, you know that
I'm ready to blow like I'm nuclear, man, I just can't hold back
Raised off them red beans, raised off that ( ? )
Picture me in Hawaii drinkin on them Mai Tais
Mama is so exotic, what you lookin for, I got it
Knowledge you can't get in college, yeah baby, you know I got it
Let me free you from your bondage, they claim they big, I'm colossus
Fags need to come off that closet, the game won't miss you, I gots this