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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  Return of 4Eva
Song:   Free My Soul
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Mama I made it, I got my chain now
I got that Benz too
I got my Louis Vuitton
and my Gucci shoes
Mama I made it, I got those Trues and Vogues
I keep some groupie hoes
I got that old school
with those Lambo doors
But I'm scared it all ain't enough
to free my soul
Lord, mama I made it

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Fuck what they talking, naw it ain't about talent
It's no longer an art, niggas piss on your canvas
and parade, OK, so you paved the way, but I rode the road
farther than you've gone befo', but still you block the road some mo'
I'm on my last leg and they passing me by
with a sign that say I rap to eat, and both of my thumbs in the sky
Damn, when will my time come?
Should I just sell dope for money, cars, clothes and hoes cause they say that's successful?
Till a nigga run up on you and unload
cause he po' and you shine just like the moon glow
Stunting in your Bentley, but it cost you your soul
When God come to collect, I hope you got what you owe


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Forever dreaming, wishing on a star for help
I give a nigga food for thought, he'd rather starve himself
Apart from wealth, I think it was the shine that got us blinded
Not sure of what we reading when we signing our life away
They say ignorance is bliss, well I'd like to state
the game is just not records and real shit, they don't like to play
You ghetto famous to us, you just Bojangles to them
Tap yo' feet, tip yo' brim, and sell it back to your kin
I don't rap, I spit hymns, my God's bigger than them
Trying to blacken your heart and say we children of men
I sin cause I ain't perfect
But I'd rather save your life than hurt it, if I made it


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Now what if all the things I'm fighting for, oh Lord
don't get me where I'm going?
Now what if I don't see the signs in time, oh Lord
I'm praying that you show me
Mama I made it

"I feel sorry for you kid
 You're smart, you take care of yourself
 There's nothing you can do for anybody else
 What difference you think you can make?
 One single man, and all this madness"