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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  Return of 4Eva
Song:   American Rapstar
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[Intro: Big K.R.I.T.]
An A&R once told me you can determine the worth of a song within fifteen seconds of it playing
with a complete and utter lack of the fact
that it takes all three minutes and forty seconds of a song to comprehend what I'm saying
It ain't a single if it don't fly, it ain't a hit if it don't ride
Now he couldn't tell me the components of a smash, but them ringtones were the all-time high
And a rapper's only as big as his chain, the flashier the better

They say that money make the world go round
You're never lost till you lose your crown
And they don't love you till you're underground
or when you're maxing out your bank account
Yeah, you do it all just to live the life
Even if it means you don't live it right
And even if it means you don't survive the night
But even if you do, you won't survive the hype
of American rapstar

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Push it to the limit (why?)
Just to get up high with a woodgrain kitted
Ride around town like I never lived in it
Gun in my dash, pray I never kill with it, I'm that real with it
Got my eyes on the prize
Bills still due, motherfuck nine to five
Searching for a freak down to fuck once or twice
Wanna buy a bottle, but I ain't paid my tithes, this no lie
Got a vision and a masterplan (OK)
to hit the block and blow up like the Taliban (what else?)
I make it where my plane never have to land
I make it where them lames never stand a chance
Shit, you never know, only time will tell
It's either starve or you find a scale (weigh up)
You either buying or you trying to sell (get it)
You either fall or you grind the rails


[Big K.R.I.T.]
So I just get it how I live
Waiting on my moment, screaming fuck how they feel
Dodging jail cells and them pigs down to kill
They shot Oscar Grant, swear it gave a nigga chills, let's keep it real
If you ain't looking then your eyes closed
Will I pay what I owe? Only God knows
I ain't for sure, give me strength just to change what I can't
and understand the difference between a nigga and the King that I am
Gotta keep your finger on the trigger
'Pac died, Biggie died, they ain't found the killers
Momma say she worry cause I rap about the government
and how the Church caked over people out there struggling (that's real though)
I just call it how it is folk
I'm breathing for a reason, what you here fo'?
They got us where the villains who we cheer fo'
cause they murdered all the heroes