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Artist: Big K.R.I.T. f/ Sleepy Brown, CeeLo Green
Album:  4eva Is a Mighty Long Time
Song:   Get Up 2 Come Down
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[Chorus: Sleepy Brown and Big K.R.I.T.]
Uhh, tryna get up to come down
Got that playa shit by the pound
The gold with the 'Lacs and the crown
Make it where them hoes come around
Uhh, tryna get up to come down
Boomin like a sub underground
The whole city hearin it's around
We all on the get up, to come down

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Back at it one mo' 'gain, crankin my motor
Revvin my engine, chillin the AC
'til it's colder than a breeze in Alaska
Sun shine like the winter time just passed us
Watchin for laws and jackers
Cause this shit here too clean to be taken
I keep it tucked off in my clothes, you'll never catch me outchea bucked naked
Fresh drawls, them deadstock Js' for the caskets
Pressin up on these bastards that owe me and I GOTS ta have it
Wake up and cake up cause it's only right
Soon as the sun go down, the freaks come out and they gon' dress in sum'n tights
I'm tryna dig deep, ginger ale and Hennessy
It keep me in the zone, all night long 'til the clock strikes twelve
One mo' then I'm out of the front door
On a mission like a Waffle House cook for the two-fo'... seven
Man, I'm just tryna get paid
And make it where these muthafuckas hate, I got up to come down


[Big K.R.I.T.]
This for them playas in those gator belts
Gettin cheese like patty melts, servin up GAAAME like help yo' self
Refereein, callin plays on the sidelines
+Super+ the +Bowl+, diamonds and gold, won a ring like five times
I remember wantin to be that cause I seen it
Don't ever tell a ho you love a ho if you don't mean it
Unless it's bout that paper-paper, got that from a playa pimp
They said it's work to be a P-I, easier to be a simp
Put it in motion, rollercoastin, peep the focus of a go-getter
If you flip it once and get it, it for sure figures
If you ain't eatin with you squad, youse a ho nigga
That's from the heart, never pump Kool-Aid when we on a mission
That's 24/7 like a waffle cook in a Waffle House kitchen
Man, I'm just tryna get paid
And make it where these muthafuckas hate, I got up to come down


[CeeLo Green]
Now here's a little story that must be told
A wild young nigga off on Campbellton Road
I was raised in Kingsridge where it wasn't no rules
Robbin niggaz for they Starter jackets and shoes
Yeah, I've done some real THINGS, family full of FIENDS
Forty ounce of Old English and some Newport KINGS
Went from a pocket full of pieces and '74 Caprices
A Benz and a crib in Buckhead - thank you, Jesus~!
Boi, I'm Sweet James Jones when I'm whippin a Biarritz
A Rollie on my wrist and a super bad bitch
You know it's southside, you can tell by the color
Give it a good look cause there'll never be another
Woves, a hundred spokes, what you expect?
And trust me, money cain't buy you that respect
Gotta feel it out of love, and get it from out the mud
And it'll come round, or get out the way - I'm comin down
(Ooooh SHIT~!!)

(Tryna get up to come down)
Young playa worldwide, Third Coast all day
Mississippi well connected everywhere, mayne
"4eva N a Day", 4eva howeva, 4eva anyway
You know how it be, mayne
When you... all the way down in the game underground
(Tryna get up to come down)
When you come up off that thang, mayne
Them people can't stand ys, mayne
They can't, they can't get with it, mayne
Cause they don't realize how or what it took
To get to a place where forever IS a mighty long time
And all that time, you was doing it big
(Tryna get up to come down)
It's a mighty good feeling
4eva is, 4eva was and 4eva we WILL be
Multi til' the muthafuckin sun die
K-R-I-T, King Remembered In Time, believe that there
Trying to get up to come down
So as the beat keep rollin on, the slab keep hittin that
808 keep goin on and that bassline keep being filthy and slashin
This is forever ever lasting in a timeless fashion, bee-itch! {*fade*}