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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  4evaNaDay
Song:   Package Store
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[Big K.R.I.T.]
Just the other day when I was out at the store
Saw a preacher hella creeping, tryna bang on a hoe
That same motherfucker used to bang on my do'
hollering bout donations for cause, cause collections is low
Damn shame, but I got change so I give to the plate
He know I know he buying pussy, he don't lie to my face
Said that I should cut my grass cause I'm surrounded by snakes
Not sure if that was metaphoric, or if he had seen one today
I know what he said, but maybe I beg to differ
The only souls you like to touch were the legs of strippers
The only reason I know that cause I used to tip 'em
How could I judge when in this world we both some niggas?
And we both some killers, and we both some thieves
Only God can save us all, what he spoke to me
What he hoped to be was a better man in due time
But he fell short tryna sip on the wine

In the neighborhood package store, get some wine for spirits
Some gossip for your mind if you down to hear it
In the neighborhood package store, silver and gold for the low
and some papers for your woes you can roll
In the neighborhood package store, mixing the good with the bad
Which flavors of life's labor have you had?
In the neighborhood package store, don't need directions for the gun shop
It's on the same block of the neighborhood package store

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Click clack 'gainst my head went a Glock
from a hoodlum on the block, whispered to me, what you got?
You'll get shot if you refuse to come up off that
What made you floss that outside the package store?
You know we out here like wolves searching for antelope
lambs and sheep, prey on weak
Don't you reach under your seat, I'll bust your head like cantaloupe
Then I replied, out for a nightcap
Didn't bring my tool with me cause I assumed that I'd be right back
Shawty said the neighborhood was cool and it wasn't like that
But here you are with a loaded gun and I'll be damned if I'm gon' fight back
So he went on to loosen up on the aggression
and proceeded to lecture me on the troubles of recession
And ain't that many jobs out chere hiring convicted felons
So instead of buying what he want, he taking what they selling
Then bailing into the darkness, forever on the grind
Addicted to the feeling of wine


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Gripping Golden Grain, flying like Thunderbirds
Easy Jesus, watch your Crown while I swang and swerve
Molotov bottle, alcohol
Not a Tylenol could remove the kind of headache that a fall would cause
in the streets, Don Julio my peeps
Cuervo, chasing hoes, Captain Morgan with my feet
Standing tall on 'em, till I rendezvous with Grey Goose
Cool Gray, salty taste, almost threw up on my shoes
Hypnotiq blues, Bloody Mary red
Codeine purple seem to take me to the edge
One more shot all I need just to hit the ledge
Toss and turn, crash and burn just to crawl up in my bed
Going to my head, seeing circles lately
Tasting cream daily, I don't mean Bailey
Vodka tried to kill me, but Seagram Gin saved me
Been a customer, so why they play me?