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Artist: Big Gipp f/ Sleepy Brown
Album:  Mutant Mindframe
Song:   Steppin' Out
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[Sleepy Brown]
Mirror Mirror on the wall..
Who's the freshest of them all, Baby?

(We're Steppin Out!)
Feeling good with the Shamoe just like I would
(We're Steppin Out!)
Dont really care long as you and I are there
(We're Steppin Out!)
Cause we're on the scene
(We're Steppin Out!)
With the gangster lean
(We're Steppin Out!)
You wanna be on my team?
(We're Steppin Out!)
(oooOOohhh ooooooh, We're Steppin Out!)

[Verse 1: Bigg Gipp]
Mirror, Mirror, Mirror
Tell me what do you see?
My face, I.D. samilo poochies
Pants by Gucci, cordoroy chucks, cordoroy cap
Presidential smoking the strawberry wrap
So chilly my reaction to my presence, like Burrr
Minks, lambskins, gorillas, the fox furs
Whatever the flavors that she would like to see
I'm a Doctor peep me in my Fruit of my D's
Off in my closet alone with my favorite cologne
That I cadone I'm ma skeet skeet skeet skeet on
Fresh feet on so much candy on my boat
You can eat on the hub
Put my heat on the wood
Speed on, is good
Tonight there will be no commericials or re-runs
Just coolin sipping freon
Talking to my folks on the phone on the freon
Takin my favorite rocccck whenever we steppin ouuut
(We're Steppin Out!)

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown]

[Verse 2: Big Gipp]
You wanna meet the authentic
The way I walk it, the way I talk it
They can't be ready
My hat bent smoke scent blueberry scent
Either I'ma B.R.O. or your mind just moving too slow
Flip it at best give it right back to you in gifts
As I slide piering out the doulley wop window
Checking out the talk that walk the sidewalk
As I critique the streetbeat on this street called
Ol boy yall killing me what will it be
Visions of level 3 or one twezzy
Catch 'em breezy sometimes its just too easy
Star struck to eager to please me
Should I play pimp make 'em pay feezy
Straight fucking 'em up leaving these crows dizzy
Without a doubt you see me
Bigg Gipp Steppin Out I'm the king to the city

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown]

[Verse 3: Big Gipp]
No matter the cost still floss ross
Post up charlie trading post
Buttondown dickies hips still squeeky
Post fly ladies in them 240 E's now oooh weee
If the world could see me really how it be
So cashmatic acromatic then when I proceed
Let it subseed, bunglow over seas
Keep an attitude like Dame Dash look at that ass
I cant, let that pass not that fast
And I ain't spending no cash I bring color to the outside
Go head and decide unlock your car doors
And let a G-Ride that stay sit
Now I'm on the inside lets slide
Spare a doubey for the jacuzzi
Me and my new fluzy
Thats how I put on thats what I'm talkin bout
The lights and the phone off finger snap
Thats a wrap

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown]