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Artist: Beretta 9 f/ Midaz
Album:  Official Mixtape
Song:   Who Cares
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Beretta 9]
Yeah, there comes a time
When the world, won't be singing

[Beretta 9]
Where I rest at, niggas scheme and plot, sling rocks
Stops cops, hoping our block'll get fought
Bust a shot or get shot, smoke pot, get locked
Do a bid, who taught, who want, who got caught
And who got charged for assault
Who got daughters in the mall, never tried as adult
Where I rest at, whose fault, plan the parents on the court
Over TV, my appearance or my CD
Ficticious media, on the NYPD
So without question, I hold the truth
With a determined idea, to uplift the youth
And alls considered on the food you eat
Words you speak, down to the company you keep
So all take heed, I also will apply
And try to make a difference, who's willing to try?

[Chorus 2X: Midaz]
So, who really cares, and is willing to try?
You know the deal, if it's real, then they willing to die
Kinetic is, so is Nem', both our families and I
It's time to make a differance, hip hop, who's willing to try?

[Hook: Midaz]
So who cares (who cares) but who cares? (so, who cares?)
So who cares (who cares) but who cares? (so, who cares?)

Alive and well, the story of me, I've survived to tell
Continuous, the wisen shells, so the lies can sell
Designed in hell, walk the line between right and wrong
Confined in jail, is where I have to send my mind to write a song
The light is gone when my mic is on, so I hit the horns
Speed dial, number nine, to my nigga Born
Orlando, Florida's home of the local foreigner
Here it's hard to love real shit, seem you gotta be born with the gift
The musical chase, kid, I'm feeling cornered up
Cuz niggas want us to feel so bad, they take the fall with us
So it's a world like that, I'm terrified in hate
But keep my eyes in face, on however late, I'm wide awake
When Nemo's beats are pumping, my girl be trying to feed my something
I'm not trynna eat, girl, I'mma trynna heat
Get it right or stage left, I'm ageless
Reppin' GS, til I'm cold, out of sync and deep breath
I see stress as a sign that I'm healthy
Like I'm trying hard with the cards that you dealt me
So, who really cares and is willing to try?
Kinetic does, and my nigga Nem', is ready to fry
By the same clause that caused Freddy to die
There's no niggas besides them, that's ready as I

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook 2X]