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Artist: Beretta 9 f/ Co-Defendants, Inspectah Deck, Shake
Album:  Official Mixtape
Song:   Shaolin Musik
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Inspectah Deck]
What, I Mash Out like Danze and Fame
Me and my comrads, smash the game, and last the flame
The General, that's the name
I did bills, still snatch the chains, and snatch ya dame
Where I'm from, they all act the same
I move ninja, faster than camera frames
Big Deck's in the city, my rep get checks in the city
From all my connects in the city
My set get gritty, name hold weight
Like I bench 750, your dreads better get me
The Jungle, runnin' from po, gunnin' for dough
It's fucked up, you can be someone I know, I know

[Beretta 9]
Aiyo, we hard heads, bastards kids, that's why we on it
Bout it, scream and shout it, don't give a fuck
You wanna choke, press ya luck, that's how I like it
I dare you challenge me to a match, so watch me strike it
Forever real, keep it concealed, until fed up
Beretta not, playing no games, my nigga dead up
I run with the illest die hard, the mentally deep dart
Your stash in your backyard
First platoon, legion of doom, kid you been, warned
Red dart, Red Dawn, rapid fire til you gone
Blood For Blood Pt. 2, first song, Killarm'
Dirty Weaponry rap, you get slapped with the palm
Or smacked with the palm, yo wars on my side, kid
It'll be on, plus we got niggas to, son
Watch how we form, all them cats got guns?
Well I got something for 'em, foxhole, fire in the hole

As if I was a drug dealer, where nobody in the world buys
If I was a killa, can't shake a hand til I die
Can't judge a nigga from the street, fuck your friends to get respect
Crowd yet hassle, I'm connected with Inspectah Deck
As a French resident, I fucked the French president
?? in the ??, in the ??
???, the strange situation
Paris/New York is the same, link edition
Don't chalk what you never seen, don't fuck what you never been
Money I know, rule the world, I know
See the burning, I know, niggas hate, I know
While we singing, with General, we out of control