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Artist: Beretta 9 f/ 71Raw, Christbearer
Album:  Official Mixtape
Song:   Revenge
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Beretta 9]
Revenge... revenge...
First let's talk about justice
The reward of penalty for one action deeds
The self balancing scale, to each is own

[Broken Tongue]
Yo, we shoot through, you and your crew, poison the outcome
7-Raw's in ya projects, replace the freedom
Speaking, revenge in the air, your hardship is peaking, dripping
Lies, mouth is leaking, the same shit again
How the fuck did I get in, ask him to punish him
Of the God's wrath, and took his revenge
I backsmack raps to the past, ask the veterans
The Muslims, the Catholics, snakes and politicians
To get in, use this, music for revenge
While 85's using religions to make amends
It's a trend, I'll avenge the poor and the slave
Put the mental to the page, and watch Broken Tongue smile to the king
Watch how the media potrays us, the beast brought in

[Chorus: Martial Art]
Revenge, tryin' to make moves, watch yo step
Revenge, watch your girl and your solarplex, before it get checked
Revenge, protect the bodies by the point, fools is out for respect
God is judge in the end

[Anthai Da Protagonist]
Aiyo, I move like a ninja, the mad avenger
My ninja stars never hit walls, cuz it hits ya
The premonition, Anthai, I'm the revenge
Backflip like Vega, I'm crawling on the fence
Strike with the slidekick, I'm one of the nicest
Spit needles, shhhh, pierce through your iris
Knock the wind out of your system, from our wisdom
Retalition, you got enemies, then list them
Cannon blow, counterstrike, the master of the thunder legs
But don't you ever think, we can never break bed
I'm monstrous, attacking boulders, winner practice
Englightened by the Sun Tzu, Art of War tactics
That crack your Adam's apple, like nut shells for show
Traditionally, I fuck you over one flow
The dark samurai swing hard like the wielding wind
Oh, so you nervous and don't know where to begin
The virtuoso, dominator mic slayer
Stay rough, rugged and raw, and that date is later


[Beretta 9]
Aiyo, revenge, a favor in return to one's actions
As an unjust codes that results in just action
Without pause, we can't forgive on what could happen
I don't care about laws, could give a fuck about rapping
While on the subject, get pushed, niggas I object to
Popping that shit, you be sure to catch a chin check, duke
And on the gun tip, look at niggas I run with
We all nice with our triggers, ain't no telling who done it
So stand back before doors come off the henges
And it's too late to calculate, to what the fuck that revenge is
But what it is, be all pleasure or biz
Or just a perfect time for a nigga to get his

People make the world go round, ever changing
Dirty south crunk and a West Coast banging
Rich man, poor man, Muslims and the Clan
Niggas from the corner block who could give a damn
People that'll kill you when the pistol pump
And some people, of course, that won't jump
I'm from the North of the Beach, by way of the East
With people on the West, I'm peace
God people, devil people, rapping heavy metal people
Bujia, boogi, posh, the ghetto people
Ain't shit created equal
Don't let the bullshit stick, aiyo, imagination's leave you
Some people born on the bus, crying while the wino's cuss
Some people born plush, some others tell they babies hush