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Artist: Beretta 9 f/ 71Raw
Album:  Official Mixtape
Song:   Mask Men
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Beretta 9]
Beretta 9, 71Raw, uh-huh... check it, yo

[Beretta 9]
Allow me to explain my cause, to who I B-E
R-E-Double T-A, N-I-N-E
A.K.A. K-I-N-E-T-I-C
My attribute, B-O-R-N G-O-D
Word to a pause, until I spit and get that C-O-D
You'll be amazed how I'm the shit and what you get for free
Your life's a struggle and with me, there's no inception
Since they in drugs, I would smuggle and be ease, no question
I be B9 MM, the bibby-eyed, women
They think that I am fine and my smile define's winning
But when I'm Kinetic, man, you can forget it
Yo, don't mess around with electricity
Yo, I produce the cause, the effect is me
A rebel without the pause, so respect a G
O-D, that's God Cypher Divine
Yo, in the place to be, God Cypher Divine

[Martial Art]
Keeping my head, stay straight, through lyrical endovers, give me pleasure
Like honey dips who put they lips on 4-9-3-11
All catch my raps, ink sink between the paper
Showing vapors in hell, time to smoke leaves
My tongue pale, exhale, exit hell, for a moment
Gather my thoughts, mosterize raps like lotion
Set sail off the main land with a main clan of MC's
Related to Mr. Sandman, chop off hands and feet
Send them to emergency on urgency
Lack of blood left them out in the cold, cuz they got no soul
Send them to the room, best known for tag toes
The battery's weak, no mercury added
Sadder than a bastard broke, living under a bridge, and high on acid
Don't get ya briches downed, I love a DJ who could spin wax
Attack like Bambataa Planet
My mind switch, lyrically paint images, got lines like stitches

[Anthai Da Protagonist]
Stay wise, I'm the general, the man from ancient lands
Stay cool in the temple, wind blow from Asian fans
My ninjas, yo, keep it grimey and gutty
We fucking them up, the blood got you money hungry
I traveled with camouflage troops, nips and groups
Got metal spikes planted, in front of my boots
Drink tea, feel free, revolution, evolution
The yin and the yang, step in, what you wanna get choosen
The 714, area's, getting scarier
Just spit the poisonous dark, containing the bar bacteria
The cypher, the missing puzzle, yo, we hustle
Sipping a boba express, and its leads to needing muscle
For Thai, you know, the venomous God Degree
Conversations with my ninjas about the mark of the beast
Feed the hungry, it's like giving pictures to the blind
Slash ya face swoll like, surrounded by design