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Artist: Beretta 9 f/ ShoGun Assason
Album:  Official Mixtape
Song:   Beat a Bitch
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: ShoGun Assason]
Yeah, it's that south side shit
Stoobie with the doobie ring and shit
What you be thinking shit
Ya'll niggas, this a smoke out
We gon' loc out, rock out with our cocks out
You see what I'm saying?

[ShoGun Assason]
Yo, if you see a bitch, smack a bitch
My wifeybeater might make me beat a bitch
Old dad taught me how to treat a bitch
He ain't like me, the fuck, fight me
So fuck writing, I'mma free spell it, like to peep, tell it
If you can chop it in the back, and then I sell it
Ear to the streets, cuz the hood'll tell it
You can never beat me, or defeat me
I thought that was irrelevant, then I'm the great
And I hold down the Buck Eye State, to the fullest
I'mma make you feel this, bite these bullets
Don't make me pull this tool, that I brandish
I'm trying to conceal it, don't make it kill it, skillet
Watch it, I peel it back at ca
I push ya wave cap, way back
The south side, muthafucka, we run these streets
And I murder on the track, deadly to a beat
An instrumental, I re-arrange your dental
Stick my dick in your girls ear and fuck up her mental
With a thumb in the butt, while I'm diggin' her guts
The V.E.T. kid is nuts