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Artist: Beretta 9 f/ Chi-King, Leggezin Fin, Prodigal Sunn, ShoGun Assason
Album:  Official Mixtape
Song:   Afro Killa Beez
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Leggezin Fin]
I'm from Composa, straight from Mongola, real soldier

[Beretta 9]
Just in case you didn't know, but it's ok, because we told ya'll
And while you listening, to reach is you, is our mission and
If he can't teach you then I'm gonna have to beat it in [Leggezin Fin raps
in his language]
That's right, dirty O, cypher heat, caps peel, Steubenville
Always send, hooligans, keep blow inside a four concealed [Leggezin Fin raps
in his language]
Flow ya boca, we smoke, drink, fuck, tote weight or bust shot
While you choking, thinking that you can't, and that's just
Who I B-E-R-E-Double T-A, N-I-N-E
AK, K-I-N-E-T-I-C [Leggezin Fin raps in his language]

[ShoGun Assason]
Hello everybody, it's your boy and them, Saint Troy and 'em
Pumping more junk than Sanford and Son, who fucking with them?
Who fucking with them, aiyo, you fucking with me?
That mean you fucking with us [Leggezin Fin raps in his language]
I'm hot, like I got a zone up in the ziplock
Cook about a crick in a crock pot, hit the streets
Make the block hot, ready to pop like a clock
Got, fuck a cop

[Prodigal Sunn]
Yo, watch the cops, nigga..
My grandfather made it clear about the birds and the bees
My mother said a man of his word will surely achieve
And I truly believe, like Adam bit that apple from Eve
In the jungle learned fast about the snakes who perceive
Loving my women, all natural, with chemical weaves

[Leggezin Fin]
God damn, the shit is real, the street is real
I feel you, G, you hustle to pay the bills
Where I'm from, nigga talk tough and get killed
Where I'm from, life ain't sweet
If you don't get your hustle on all night, you don't eat
Or you'll get, mosquito bite, cuz you eat off life
Got to live it day to day without the water or the light
The shit ain't right, why the fuck brothers gotta fight

Don't make me resort to violence, God's lambs can't be silenced
I walk with knowledge, savage niggas better pay homage
Big up to Leggezin, Chi-King, unload a rifle
Two thousand miles, through your heart squeeze, reach out your bible
See God forgive me, cuz these niggas is plain shifty
And we can bark it out, on how they doing a buck fifty
My wrath comes from Heaven, God is bucking with me
I'm Brooklyn's finest, so don't try to undermine us
Fuck you majors, niggas the streets already signed us

[Prodigal Sunn]
Born in the city of thieves, Sunny swore on the leash
Or on my seed about the devil, in this trickerish greed
My word, proceed through every color, race and creed
Drop jewels in your face, like the smoke from the weed
Caught up in yourself, just remember, blood, you bleed
I'm all about the house with the deed, hammer with the tree
No insanity, wine in the canapy, can it be?