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Artist: Bekay f/ Ol' Dirty Bastard
Album:  The Future of Hip-Hop Is Now
Song:   Where Brooklyn At?
Typed by Davida.b.

[Intro: Bekay (Ol' Dirty Bastard)]
Haha, yo it's Bekay, you know I had to get Ol' Dirty up on this one, right?
(What we want ya'll to do) listen up (we want ya'll to get on up)
Get up, get up (Cuz this is Joe Dirt McGirt) Dirt McGirt (and the Bekay)
Bekay (the KONMAN) KONMAN (this is that old wicked and wild shit)
Yeah, let em know Dirt Dog, it's Bekay, ya'll better wake up homie

Yo yo, these rappers are coming out the closet soon
And I don't need a Street Fighter to puff some Sonic Booms
These cats act calm, but they break the most
Yo, I went on Fear Factor and ate the host!
The rhymes stay hard
So many hits in New York they told Aron to quit his day job
Yo I came for the game, your dame
Your fame, your chain, your chick's brain, it's all the same
And you gon know my name, I'm thorough
B-E-K-A-Y pronounced just like the boro
Next best in rap, respect this track
Call KONMAN and Kanye to get this track
Chicks love when I pick up the bill quicker
They wanna be a rich girl like Allie Hilfiger
Yo, the game lost, but we took it back
Now everybody scream out 'where brooklyn at?'

[Chorus: Ol' Dirty Bastard (Male) {Bekay} *Female*]
If you trying to get rich, but your ass still stuck in the hood (hey
ya, hey ya, hey ya)
If you're drunk as hell, and that fat chick's looking real good (hey
ya, hey ya, hey ya)
{Ladies} You gotta earn this free drink, so why don't cha keep shaking
ya hips *Hey ya,
hey ya, hey ya*
And wild out to this Bekay KONMAN platinum shit *hey ya, hey ya, hey ya*

Ayo I been here, got the feeling my name's due
Ask M.O.P., can I get a Lil Fame too?
Why you hating, faking, patiently waiting, debating
Rap I'm taking, face it, amazing, I'm blazing
I ain't never really heard of you
So dissing Bekay, sonny, that's absurd to do
Really passing ya'll herbs, see?
Put a hole in your chest bigger than a basketball jersey
Bekay, destined for fame
Been known to shut your favorite club down when I step on the stage
Chicks jock me, named the kid cocky
They say real can spot real, so I know ya'll can spot me
Honeys spoil me royally
I mean I'm around birds so much Colional Sanders pays my roayltys
Pound a shot, get messy too
If not, pour it on a person standing next to you


Yo watch Bekay and follow
I don't pass the courvoisier, I chug it straight out the bottle
Gamble in the hood, play cee-lo loco
Puertorican mamis say "Don Cito loco"
I'm business, the mic is a hobby
I can drop dead on the dance floor and still be the life of the party
Now fellas, get the condoms ready
Take that, honey shake that thing till your bra gets sweaty
You say you only drink Cris? Shut up
My crew will drink anything as long as it gets us fucked up
I know chicks who slam shots of Hennessey
They wakin up next to me the next day, and they don't even remember me
Cats tell lies, ya'll loving the fables
I got chicks who could drink ya'll under the table
It's Bekay, screaming it loud
Cuz the future of hip-hop is now


[Hook: Ol' Dirty Bastard (Bekay) {Female}]]
Bekay (Say Bekay)
Dirt McGirt (say Dirt McGirt)
Bekay {Say Bekay}
Dirt McGirt {Say Dirt McGirt}
Bekay (Say Bekay)
Dirt McGirt (Say Dirt McGirt)
Bekay {Say Bekay}
Dirt McGirt {Say Dirt McGirt}
Yo we do it like this (and we out)