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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Your Skills
Typed by: Cno Evil

Your time, now of the essence, your presence will soon evolve
Pearly back and several chamber in tact, watch it revolve
Thug parrots fluxuate and expand, through your subliminal
And rhythmatic forms, to orchestrate the visual
Conception of force, transmitted through every motion
Bones get broken in this wide eyed circle of swift emotion
In the presence of war, hard to calm my eagerness
As the venom starts to settle, you can taste the bitterness
Hypnotic ventriliquist, captivator of the treasure
My immortal Chi Kung'll blow a hole through your level of skills

"Your skills" sample (4x)

[Long Axe]
I be, I be ripping the sun, erupted heated organs
Tan ten the tongue, my hand falls of happiness
And after changed moods, directing attitudes
Spaceship latitudes, clutter your emotion
Facial expression concealed, behind joking
Leaping through a time warp, my presence supreme passports
Stepping through a teleport, sneaking into people's thoughts
My grace, under pressure, two evils, I destroy the lesser
And enjoy the better, Begga Clan, uncle time thumb breaking
For the movement, stars is an illusion
Fathered an improvement, what skills are you using
The enemy's losing, pretending, beginning to the last nerve ending
Styles of ascending, miles of amending
Together on a path I'm defending, the skills

"Your skills" sample (4x)

[Father Lord]
From the worth of eight masteries, the eight liberations
Divine concentration, heavenly meditations
Spiritual inspiration, all had illustrations
Living God dedications, slow hard demonstrations
Alchemist medications, the pleasure in sensation
The murder of temptation is the sight of education
With the pupil and the teacher, the wine and the reefer
The dreams of the sleeper and the conscience of the speaker
The weak and the weaker, the bitter and the sweeter
The seed of the God in the womb of Malifa
The founder and the seeker in the knot of eternity
A hurter to the world, for what ear hasn't heard of me
And then you got the nerve to be, dying to battle me
B, cuz people die when they challenge me, the skills