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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Visit My World
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 6X: Father Lord]
Come visit my world, cuz this is my world

The universe is my throne, heavenly God of our perception
Break cells got retails, right down to a perfection
My conception of trade, send your mind on an escapade
Consciously, you fade from the fury of the blade
Other clans evade, once the Beggas get paid
To afraid, of what'll happen when the dollar is made
Condominium homes, real estate that last forever
Take a cruise on my boat, while others die from the gunsmoke
Take my babies abroad, show them the world is theirs
Teaching the righteousness in which, nothing compares
But most of all, a tool, a precious jewel of Beggarism
Once combined with the art of war, makes his mentor
CUz some never escaped this trait, of being fake
So I set up bait, to amputate any fatal snake
Scheming on my garden, but they pardon they French
I just defenate speech, with the gift of a monkey wrench
Cuz have you not heard, that my words carry ciriculum
Give me in a cypher of rhymes, I be killin' em
Styles I be spilling 'em, all over your terrain
Dialect is flammable, lethal like profane
Vicious like the rain from the flood of a hurricane
Can't stand to be around these niggas that don't train
Compatable, the pain, cut the passage to your brain
With the deadly combination of the mantis and the crane

[Father Lord]
Mind seeker, last understanding, to the speaker
The days that I risk my life, just to reach ya
Apex, what's next, so lavish, house of sex
Bank accounts collect, from this heavy concept
Shanghai express, cross country, through the flesh
Got me living in this turbulent world of Bangladesh
Emperor progress, my site, exceeds death
And the reflection of the bright red moon, I bleed stress
I read this, for fact or for sure, and make it wrong
All the cyphers that I live, I learn, and I won't pure
Be back for more, relax then war, kill on tour
Make ash and through material lie, through closed doors
Act like you all, this is the bull, eternal sleep
I be ya father on the lands of my Asia, hurting sheep
I speaks so sweet, and freak shorties, a D.U.E.
Technique complete, the sleek sheet of the meak
Embrace defeat, then heard the violence of the beat
Combined next time, any rhyme, I comb the neats
From the gorgoeus fault, established so enormous
The glorious, lead my team, as we perform this
Fabulous, articulate, elegant, intelligence
Beheaded any rule, for any man, teach the devilishment

[Chorus to fade]