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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Traditional Kung Fu
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Buda Love over kung fu fighting samples]
Okay, okay, check it, what? What?
Just stay tough and relax your soul...
Relax your soul...

[Buda Love]
Douce the men with power from the thousands towers
Technique of spider, crazy vagabond disciples
Still roping those who approaches my dojo
Was open, Red tassle spears floating
Super Eagle Claw choking, boost open super stars open their chest, vest
A cardiac arrest, test, this positive results
From a kung fu cult, so spiritual boxing taught
From long ancient practice, super-conscious mathematics
In the violence of martial arts is the Clan of War Gods
Pay homage to the immortal supreme Gods
We live by God, in the home of Islam
Peace, Allah U Akbar, gijin, sayonara

[Long Axe]
Cornered in the world, abstract be my escape
The scenery, a cinema, twisted levels of hate
Fire grips the mood, the stone surrounds the sword
Images corrupt the plans, everybody on the floor
Right the oddity of war, people see but don't agree
Live in three parallels but don't have capacity
Steal the body from the head 'til it's physically dead
And Wu Chi means complete, when in peace we never bled
Stick together like forever or correct peace signs
Let we travel out my way for today is just a day
Getting carried away, into, my chapel
With the parable sin, it's just historical oracle
Make a fade, make a way for my outlet to eject
To complex life and it's trife, what you respect?
In the chamber of life, it's night now
Today, slaying torch to the lies
When they act like they need it, looking straight into your eyes
Carry my body to the next twenty-four, seven days I sour
And now my body is sore, Begga Clan supreme
Like the sunlight gleams, other crews race in time
Trying to catch our, catch our, catch our themes
Catch our themes, catch our themes...

[Chorus: Buda Love]
To the abbotts and the masters that passed away
To the clans and kung fu men of today
You better check your technique and watch how we do
When we express, traditional kung fu

[Majik Sword]
Black activist, drunken fist is the style
Responsible for the homicide, meanwhile
I practice by breaking cinder bricks by the pile
I seal the cracks in your fucking cheeks if you smile
It's all about penetration, when dealing with retaliation
In the great Asian nation, stars shooting
For the gifts of emeralds, jewels, the legendary pools
Double impact moves and killa cracks made to sooth
For individuals in possession of bloody tools
Just stay cool and relax your soul
The Begga Clan's on the scene and we in control
If you try to get hype, I put your breath on hold
Be bold, your body be blue and cold
Stiff as a mould when I pulled your card
Your only choice was to fold, peace out, I gotta roll
(Boy, watch your soul)

[Hook: Majik Sword]
Just stay cool and relax your soul
The Begga Clan's on the scene and we in control

[Hook and chorus repeat sometimes overlapping eachother to fade w/
variations at times]

[Outro: Majik Sword]
Yo, it's the Long Axe, the Persian Killer, the Majik Sword