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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Supernatural (Premix)
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Majik Sword]
Supernatural, the Y factors in my blood plasma
Make me do things, just things I can't, I can't explain
Supernatural things, just dematerializing (yo)
Turning invisible, breaking down walls

[Majik Sword]
I cruise like a SCUD when the buzz interact with the Cognac
Keep the medivac on alert to extract, the potential situation
Or the escalation to a death to a caucasion or asian
I get eratic then patriotic with the automatic
For the static, body seperation, keeping it in the attic
The opposite of Satanic, tinted cars making niggaz panic
Frantic or dramatic, niggaz scared to be slanted
We all gotta goal to get the end of the show
So back up or pack up, nigga, before I start to act up
And Papa start to rack up, and bodies start to stack up
Chemist style, with the wits of Colin Powell
A great man, plus an emerald child

[Yukon Black]
Crane and eel, electrifying flying, healing golden seal
Ions from eyes born, for eons, Chi Kung
Iron monkey peed on trees, palm
Seeds make breeds and niggaz freeze MC's
Empty force leak your source across swords and gas to liquify that ass
Warlords and titans clash, castle ten tigers
Spit fire like Priest Bai Me, perspire flames like The Phoenix
Mental planes fly to Venus on the White Owl's wings
Cloud kings reign supreme within the death ring
Lead bring the same pain you just seen...

[Buda Love]
Say Abbott won't die, I, immortal through portal sliders
Throwing holy flame lighters, when nigga fighters are righter
Then combinations begin and end, never be seen again
That ruptures your whole universal structure
Now what's up? Sun, moon and stars, Buda Love Allah
Chief number two, Persian Killer, abadabada
From afar, is the legendary box that rocks
And blocks, with Shaolin handlocks that pops and shocks
Bones in half, from the aftermath wood staff
The blast take that wack wood up up out your ass
A tasket, from these basket of poems, golden is the edge
Gone with the jack and the blade star sectional
Nine rank professional in a dragon boat festival
Killing for the vestibule... vestibule...

[Long Axe]
The supernatural body, is connected to the cosmos
Put it to the ground, it comes down like the cargo
Chi Kung transit, poems, let it transmit
Shit begins to break five seconds 'fore the hands hit
Split, transformation leaves a Z on the brick
And if you didn't concentrate it wouldn't be on the brick
Pugilist within the settle, flesh defeats metal
And straw can penetrate any brick in the ghetto
Yang rotation, see the solid like clouds
Cuz thoughts been unperverted like the thoughts of a child

[Father Lord]
My tornado's form was born from the womb of a hurricane
Kinetic, embedded in both parts of my human brain
Strictly shamed to slaughter your talents, you can't explain
Set fire to paper, using the unseen flames
Now my hand movements, shit they call the diety in me
That you can't see, cuz you can't perceive this entity
Physically, you lose your eye sight for starring at the star bright
Niggaz be dead sleep, I meditate all night
Now all throughout my day I practice my strange ways
Of making objects move through a thought or what I say
Take 'em back to E. May, another world, another day
To picture script posture, make a soul out of clay
Just born yourself, forms of health, mental wealth
Look at me, cuz I don't give a fuck about nobody else

[Outro: Father Lord]
Supernatural, supernatural, yo, supernatural...
Able to do anything and mind produce strives
Yea, yo, we out, we outside (that's the technique of an immortal)
(That's the technique of an immorital, that's supernatural, supernatural...)