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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Odus Cone (Oldest Clone)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Father Lord]
Flow all elements, master of the fragrant entertainment
The aura of the sewer and the mural of engagements
Pained on the face of the sky for you and eye
The mantra was a chopper from the heart of never die
And the river flower, married in the flows of Dakotas
I done slaughtered many soldiers in the belly of the solar
My style is polar, bagged her in the collar of the co D
Eraser issue time on the clock, the signed omens
Last night, my victim ripped 'em from his ass to his apple
The easy way to go from a blood sucking parasite
Undaunted chemistry, my words be the Beggarstry
Dripping from the clouds, six miles until your industry
Physically, Bolo Gah, play the symphony
Sympathy, it suffered and paused, murder mentally
Medically injected and rulers, a family who was bitter
Earth'll change ways of your savage, that's pursue of happiness
In prize tanned glamour, my Begga matters
I'm taking what I need in your city, of cop and pleasing
This drug, universe, got niggas reaching in your purse
And what's worse, is the truth that it might be your momma first

[Mega Soul]
I Marvel niggas like comics, Saturday mornings couldn't see me
Like Jonny Quest and Haji, seeking the Maharaji
No escaping, two hours of oxygen left in the building
Old women and children, escorted to safety, in an instant
No all that's left is stacks of Ben Franklin's, and adapt your adrenaline
Take all of it, son, ninety seconds left
Then we jet, two getaway rides, niggas outside
Funny vibe, three miles in the air, and we was alright
Separate flights, we meet and obey, I got the OK
A weak state, but after you tape, you can break
We don't conversate, a mouse and the count, only elevate
Reiterate, the life of a Begga, you can never sever