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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Kraftwerks
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Long Axe]
Sold it right by verbal rate, hesitation in the echo
When fullness is nothing, had to fall, made you let go
Stereo, black gecko, southern Dr. Jekyll
Blood runs from the lobby of your body into speckles
Dotted palms like freckles, great complicated ghettoes
Just a fraction of the passion, trying to let my food settle
Empire Strikes Back 'til the spine is paper flat
I'm sticking with my story then I'm sticking with the axe
Your reflex counteract over counter combat
Gimme that, and what you cherish, be brave and you will perish
Airish is the flight, see rain, black crane
Act strange and I'ma see the real weight of ya brain
With the maximum, maximum, the treasures in my action
That ripples every bone, coming home with the platinum
Tackle 'round the world, 'round this world, worldwide
Read inside, bloody goodbyes, stupid sayings when ya die
I couldn't slide, provide translations
What you wearing grows thin with ya patience
Waiting, aching, meditating, I'm taking the momentum
In the back of his mind, is where I sent him

[Begga Ooh]
With the mind, body and soul, and holy scroll
A focused flow, plus, harsh blows from hand and arm and elbows
What's up Ooh? Same old, they ask and they know
Life and trials and same old styles, or weak profiles, I'm asking how
Shit is foul, fuck you... hit...
Pull up fouls, plus you're unpure
What force that is, no more
Can I ignore, then yet your savior, was too late
Your assailant killed two, you and your mate
To take you and eliminate, self is the principle
Live a life when self was once born invincible
Continual actions, body to ground slapping
Body or bone snapping, trials always gon' happen
Nothing, just rapping, and keeping it right
And another weak MC won't hold a mic

[Father Lord]
Micro-cosmic over ultimate scholarship
Teachers rip, monkeys flip, epagraph of the manuscript
Rap tale skip, telekinetic, angelic
Drunken team merge and ground bodies through the valley of each serpent
Atoms explode, lay 'em sweet and sugar grows
Black lotus grows, strike a match between my toes
Science conducts, no luck, when the vital vessels struck
Chi Kung, duck low harm, erupt while the pugilist instruct
A light inside a cup, drink it up, our powers struck
on foes, instructing with my eyes, son, I'll still fuck you up
Listen up as I begin, teach you 'bout the thousand
Evil mind men then, here comes the tiger times ten
E. Mai come back then, sour plum in writing
I be striking with every limb we choose, and milk ya skin
Our silk robe, pick it there, pick a trance
For when ya really smoke in the air, it's pure silver in every tear
From the cry of black dove, every soldier at once loves
Practice strange love over Beggas that make grub
Stop it, stop that flow, here we go off somewhere else yo
We hopped the mental, super G experimental
Each energy and rich words keep cracking up the pencil
Fortress is residential in the hills of the gentle
Illiterate becomes true, seperate, and then heal schools
With religious fools saving they graces for fast foods
You're too late for you to hear a such thing as too late
Then ya find out ya bullets and guns ain't that great
My Kraftwerks, my kraftwerks, it really works, my kraftwerks