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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Gods of War
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Long Axe]
Demands, imagination made the accurate weapon
Thought patterns on the sweater, candle wax on letters
What cool, is representing universal transcending
Break away like an island for my own independence
Strategy on terrain, no foe, can maintain
They game, pleasant chain gang, legendary name
Allows you, to retrail through the stars, stars
Walk through, the universe of universal Sham God
Every slight light step is a life kept saved
The enemy is every shadow that you can't quite shape
We kill rather than be killed, fulfill supreme will
I'm General Quon, here comes the man of skills

[Chorus 2X: Buda Love]
Bring your death, with the speed of a bullet (the Gods of War)
Living life, with no strife to the fullest (the God of War)

[Buda Love]
Prolong strong, hardest all, perform and parts from form
To break forearms off the track mode
If this is ambient, we done and one, Lowhan on on
Swinging big palms posses
By the general born, invincible blade, infearable ways
And dealing with loaded cards from gambling star
Fistes of the South, rips with the Tiger mark
Here's your heart, I hope you fake on all out
And about to get killed wit this Crane Bill, man of steel
Shining steel, amongst space, slicing in eight ways
Lover's blade like flavors raise, invade
Gamma, Thor Hammer shocks the body, rules is hammered
Mount Helen, yo I'm looking fabulous, styles infest
And get a load of this, justice, til she gush it
Poison and amongst, the sweet premium busted
Mark of death with no evidence intent

[Chorus 4X]