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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Extreme Pleasures
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Buda Love]
Lord Bud, born new, tattoo connection
8 Diagram direction, now my blows of perfection
Let's dance to the death, as I glance to the left
When I step to your triple blind side to side yourself
With some help from the Lord of Baghdad
Cuz Goldie's getting mad, and quick to tag rag
A flow, with the holy robe, flag iron butterfly fan expands
Cutting through your nervours glands, in your hand
Bloody avengers, splitting thoughts of a nigga
In a river, born invincible, heroes, shooting stars
Sent with no emotions, sent to destruct an inner eye
Cuz nigga, you ain't no mack, you a car thief
Looking to get your heart beat by young auntie
You'll get smoked like fat ass party
King of New York, state your shit, get burnt
In your escort kit, with your ass hanging out your dick
Claiming you spit from a Long Axe skit
Heads twenty five, an innocent

[Long Axe]
Split you straight down the middle like a brotherly deal
Handprints on the paint, fingerprints in the vein
Change, in the game, the game to like strange advice
Long range, and names to new fame alive
With the stress, silk highways, by a way
A peeking Persian, driveway to my way
Of life, live world in sight, take a right
See thousands islands, erupt from the mic
Pleasures, measures, two strokes for Tha Beggas
Didn't know what you died for, we live forever
Fortune, four letters, times is my hex
For the next is the innocent trek, across sky
Mountains don't fly, and fish don't cry
But bones'll crack eyes when the pleasures apply
I Ching, fully balanced is solution for my children
In my world they ain't limits and no ceilings
wu Wind defines the science, our dealings
Our dealings for the innocent children