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Artist: Tha Beggas
Album:  Changing Classics
Song:   Appleseeds
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Chorus 4X: Father Lord]
They grow from the root and they form the trees
And they fall from the leaves, here comes the appleseeds

[Father Lord]
The same things interchange but so gently arranged
But names suffer from the strain as extremeties restrain
From the pleasure and the pain is a box of confusion
Your land being rammed by combustion of infusion

[Buda Love]
Stop confusion, out fool, abusing, you're losing
A fight in a blues hill field with golden seal
Worldwind kneals, just impact builds
Sore stains with raw blood spills like cast-tail oil
For fantastic swords with grand tastled lord
The ambassador, I won't ask for more
Forever in a billion light years, nightmares
Thirteen M still springs, still clears the larynx
With ya staring it, or just stop the flying
Want all mans to cop it when I drop it
Constant cosmic powder, long as the towel on my heals and devours
Childen cry in flowers, blown in the shower
Men in evil hours, I hop and scour and devour
Tree and gold, stagger glass is a dragon sty

[Father Lord]
Well it's fighting and I'll limit the time for my women
The wine that I'm sipping, the kind you'll find missing
The rhymes that I've written, the spines that I've stricken
The nines that I'm clicking, behind the hive kicking
The fine chicken, the grind in my ambition
The seeds that I'm dipping, the life that I'm living
The mind that I've risen, the beasts that I'm whipping
The heat in my kitchen, the crackers that I'm lynching
The answers that I'm pitching, the speech in my diction
The dome that don't listen, the burn in my friction
The sound that I'm mixing, the cash that I'm getting
The weights that I'm lifting, the students that I'm stripping
The forms that I'm flipping, opponents that I'm whipping
The pulses that I'm hitting, the apostles that I'm sitting
My styles that y'all bitten, the rap in my flipping
The pipes that I'm fixing, the clowns that I'm sticking
A pot for my pissing, a bowl for my shitting
Just a couple cyphers, Wu Chi's rhyme should mention

[Chorus 4X]