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Artist: Begga Ooh
Album:  Me Being Me
Song:   Eloping
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Begga Ooh]
I found a new love, she was beautiful, I had to elope
Hey, her name was hip-hop, check it

[Begga Ooh]
Yo, jump in the Camry, eyes look slanted
Lookin to right to left, you gotta fan me
In the white panties, arms on the console
Feelin Canadian, drivin to Toronto
Overboarders, listening to jazz
High all prices, payin high gass
Highway fast, feet on the pedal
In the rearview off ?which and high yellow?
Cruisin, controllin, missionin, rollin
Got car cameras in case it gets stollen
I'm on our honeymoon, I had to elope
Had to think other than a ?polka nose shows?
Away from the folk and the people in the family
They cool one minute, the next they can't stand me
Except for my granny, but she in the casket
Fuck two uncles, both of them are bastards
Stashin the paper in the wallet sleeve
I'm on vacation, at work they callin me
I left unmarried, came back locked
I had it in a case, on the ring was a rock
Start with the question, but she said yes
She said "Begga Ooh, baby, you are the best"
Buy, I bought a camcorder, all for the memories
Digital spaces, four gigs full of memory
Car at the door, got a B21
Took her to the club for the reception
Took her to the suite with jets in the tub
She massage me up, I was ready when she rubbed
A dub, beat it up, don't bug, show love
I'm takin the bed, ?won't what was or what was?
Treatin them white rocka shit like chubs
And I never popped the car without steering wheel club
DJ Muggs do albums with Genius
I got their heads shackin like I pissed with my penis, yeah