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Artist: Beenie Man f/ Raine Seville
Album:  You Choose (S)
Song:   You Choose
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Shake up yo body like a earth quake
Wine up yo body meck the place shake
Giggle up yo body meck hi vibrate
Head top, foot dem migrate
Excitement when yo pass my gate
Wid da walk an boasty deh weh I rate
Mi waan capture yo body like a pirate
So when yo si mi gyal run come put hi paw mi

Am gonna give it to you
Anywhere that you choose
All of this here is only for you
Now you seh yo bad, tonight you go prove it
Am willingly giving up anywhere that you choose

Wa yo seh anywhere mi choose
Yea anywhere that you choose

Wa yo seh gyal anywhere mi choose
Anywhere that you choose

[Verse 2]
Baby wi hot gyal
Come right now meck wi touch inna the athic
Long time you a tease mi, time fi yo stop it
Now shi a back it up, mi a spank it an clop hi
2 a wi a itch like 2 bad rabbit
Sex a mi habit
Gyal don't worry mi a go handle yo crabbit
Wa you a search a mi habit


[Verse 2]
Da wine deh meck mi wonder if a you hi no
Meck mi spend every pound an euro
Member a me a the boss an you weh yo waan
Mi fi follow you anywhere you go
If I take you to Mars like pluno
Would you stop an have a quicky over Pluto
All when the climate reach sub zero
Mi a go warm yo up like a volcano baby


[Verse 1]