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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Wreck the Runway (S)
Song:   Wreck the Runway
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

A Chimney records
Oh naw, naw, naw
A the girls dem sugar this

Meck mi tell dem hey dem no know nothing about us
That's why dem a talk about us
Every girl want to be around us
Caw the girls dem man

Gyal yo free fi sit down
Si a chair yah as long as a no my face
Mi no cheff gyal after mi no tongue taste
Black gyal, brown gyal, bleach out face and indian gyal cock up inna my place
Japanese gyal pretty inna red lace
Wreck the runway my girl a your place
Bajon, Antigan, Trinidad an Guyanese gyal cock up pon my base

[Verse 1]
Dem a tell mi no, how yo ugly so
But wa yo lose inna face no meck up down deh so
Gyal mi love it when yo wine an do da supn deh no
When yo jiggle up yo body meck yo bumpa go so
Gyal mi love it when yo tell mi fi touch yo so
When mi touch yo an yo scream the whole house echo
Call mi poppy like yo come from Mexico
An no worry bout oil caw mi a Texaco
Lone steam fish cover up with green ocro
Noney root an Magnum meck mi bysta so
The way mi bystarous dem call mi whoolio
Gyal mi naw do so, gyal yo free fi sitdown


[Verse 2]
A gyal alone wash mi natty, flex like John gotti
Mi touch road mi an mi thugs mi naw left mi catty
Naw left mi attache case full a dutty money
Inna the club merry Hennessy an cranberry
Mi an mi pretty dolly pretty like a Holly berry
The amount a gyal inna the club could a full a ferry
Gyal a come over an tell mi seh dem love mi very
An take mi Blackberry
AN a tell mi seh mi prosperous like the New Year
Me inna a life is like a breath a fresh air
Me richer than the fresh prince of Blaire
Caw mi a the king a Dancehall bout here