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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Woman a Di House (S)
Song:   Woman a Di House
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Gyal when you a wine mi waan yo dash it all bout
By tomorrow morning you every man a talk bout
Plus yo independent, you have yo status an clue
You no fraid fi go tek a gyal spouse gyal

Mi love the way how yo stand up, stand up
Yo si da bold leg supn deh, tun up, tun up
The way yo wine the selector haffi hall and pull up
A the gyal dem should a diss mi a fish nor bishop

So fling out an, dash out an, bruk out an, trash out an
When you come out no fraid fi walk out
Cause you a yo own a big woman, you have yo keys to yo house

Fling out an, dash out an, bruk out an, trash out gyal
When you come out no ramp fi walk out
Cause yo tek weh any gyal man

[Verse 2]
Mi come fi gi dem some authentic style
Wid sme authentic lyrics
Authentic flow wid authentic gimmicks
Authentic wine when the gyal dem drop hi
Authentic Dancehall tune selector buss hi
Gyal dem a wine an a bop it, bop it
And a tek hi down low, an a drop it, drop it
Gyal yo bad mi a tell yo seh no stop it, stop it
Anytime mi si yo gyal mi wann yo do this, do this


[Verse 1]