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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Wife (S)
Song:   Wife
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

No man no waan no boring gyal
So if you boring yo man a snore
Yo must be exploring gyal
So that yo man coming back for more

Some gyal just can never be wife
No matter how dem try
You a number one inna yo husband life
Anything weh yo want him buy
Some gyal a walk wid debit card
But your black card could a do buy
Gyal have disease and a spread it hard
Cut a 3-4 you and yo husband fly

[Verse 1]
Man first choice, Why you a the wife
Why? Don't haffi have yo ring pon yo finger
Gyal a seh shi bling but tell are seh yo blinger
This gyal from California
Claim shi a wife true shi drive a range rover
Taxi a drive and a you a the passenger
She waan fight but you no inna wa shi inna


[Verse 2]
Gyal yo goodie, goodie, hot like a ginger
Plus that thing meck yo bwoyfriend a linger
Yo scream out when him use him likkle finger
Gyal please look out fi suzie patinger
Waan tek yo man shi a squelchy like ninja
Seh shi waan ride off yo man like a scooter
A full time fi dem accept da truth yah
Dem a the past you a the future


[Intro x2]