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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Way You Wine (S)
Song:   Way You Wine
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Gyal mi love it when yuh bring it down
And bring it up
Gyal mi love it when yuh turn around
And back it up
And when the music a play yo giggle up
And when yo touch the dance floor yo turn it up
Nough gyal hate yo but me naw cuss
Mi love yo more than how Sentance love Markus
The reason wwhy mi love yo good, yo fabulous
And how yo do da wine deh ridiculous

[Verse 1]
Shi have a six pack a Guinness and a Magnum a drink
Batty pretty like mill, smooth like silk
Bend over, bend over, gyal tilt
Yuh proud a everything yuh do, yuh no carry guilt
Meck a gyal gwaan labba, labba, dem a chat filt
Yo pretty like a flowers and yo body well build
So meck dem gwaan fuss over liquor done spill
Come make my day like


[Verse 2]
When yo wine and yo go down, and yo turn
Fire truck pull up cause the dancehall a burn
Brand alone tek dem out a money weh yo earn
Worst when yo bend up like the gully name firm
Weh day mi check Lavern, from Lauren Stavern
Bout shi waan come tek it on a c–kburn
When yo business becomes her concern
Fi hold her man a that deh gyal deh fi learn