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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Touch the Street (S)
Song:   Touch the Street
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Cause when mi touch the street
Dem know how the rasta dweet
Bad man no care a who fa gyal
But from wi link shi know that Shi haffi get defeat
Dem seh the rasta neat Mi sugar ever sweet
Dem know seh man a gangster
Dem no haffri ask dem seet

[Verse 1]
Shi seh are boyfriend disappear
Shi seh one, few, 3 mi appear
My girl come take a seat right here
Mi have the jey fi yo door
Fi go riddle in there Shi kind, oh so shi ready fi go shear
Ready fi put are mouth pon a nice hot bear
Mi tell are mi a rast, shi tell mi shi no care
Gyal you a freak


[Verse 2]
This gyal start kiss off mi chest
Pon are body me start to cores take off mi pants yo know weh come next
Gyal flex it's time to have
Now a happy time a no time fi yo vex
Shi a do are best and a try to impress
Me weh so black a get icky paw mi neck
Shi a run out a breath


[Verse 3]
Weh dem gyal yah a do mi
Everywhere dem si mi, dem waan do mi
Inna the movie theater dem waan do mi
Inna the stadium dem waan do mi
Inna the grave yard dem waan do mi
All pon the beach dem waan do mi
Inna the middle a the yard dem waan do mi
But dem know mi a real, real, rasta


[Verse 1]

[Chorus x2]