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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Touch Di Road (S)
Song:   Touch Di Road (Explode)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Man a badman, but mi a no mad man
Anything fi gwaan unuh know Tristan
Me naw go a Maddens true no man
Me rather go a jail true Norman
But a di gyal dem program mi come pon
Woman a mi only companion
And a me one mi gyal friend brace pon
Mi go a Dance stable, mi put rum pon
Dancehall can I ask unuh a question?
Hands, who ready fi kill deamon?
Caw di devil dem no stop from pree man
And dem no know

When we explode
This is what I do
Money inna mi clothe
And di gyal dem overload
Ganger smoker blow
Mi friend dem for a club

When wi touch di road
When wi touch di road
When wi touch di road

[Verse 2]
Member mi no God, mi no Jesus, no call mi no devil
Me love Danielle cause she a my rebel
Mi eye dem pop out when Tifa start bubble
Saw inna spike heal, hope shi can dribble
Mi love sunshine shi bad, shi can juggle
That's why mi haffi give Carleen a double
Call me sexy but give too much trouble
Me and Angel did married so wi cuddle


[Verse 3]
Mentally dem drunk, Fambo who does that?
Man weh drive man car fi gyal seh dem hot
A scrub dem a talk bout dem meck party shot
Buy a one Heineken and a gwaan like a box
A sip whole night till di Heineken hot
I am a boss, dem know that is a fact
When mi touch di road money pile up and stock
Da one yah a fi who know that


[Verse 1]