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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Talk and Talk (S)
Song:   Talk and Talk
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Marshal mi no know if dem deft but mi tell dem already mi no talk too long
From wa day some likkle punk naw hold a meddy dem start move wrong

So all dem a talk, an talk, an talk
Badman naw take bad up from no boy
Caw badman wi walk, an walk, an walk
Come out a yo gate an stand up an wait
Cause yo violate man from Waltom Park
Mi no zoo keeper wa pet animal
An mi gray dog wi walk, an walk, an bark
Mi brother an mi, bark an bark, an bark

[Verse 1]
Mi no beg friend hi no
Big up all mi colleagues
Armature dem no inna my league
Nuff a dem foo deh would a love si mi bleed
Unu cyaa poison mi wid unu liquor an weed
Automatic kick chronic unu cyaa cut mi speed
Dem buck at dem best yes still am in the lead
Mi no owed dem no rent an me dem naw feed
Unu tell mouth a mossy take heed


[Verse 2]
Yow mi no fear ugly face an voice ever wid tone
Gone a the days of Machete an stone
Me done dem all an come back alone
From Blacks dead an gone now everything chrome
Mouth a mossy yo no Fambo come a talk bout colone
Hand back cross yo face ears a ring like a phone
Him seh danger an drog the snow cone
Dem boy deh bad wid mouth alone