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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Swing It Weh (S)
Song:   Swing It Weh
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

eeeh it's here one more time
we have a new dance to introduce to you all
now this one is called, swing it, away, in Jamaican terms, it go

[Verse 1]
here dem a talk bout rise and fall
tell dem fi put down di tall up tall
tru mi put di chaka a.k. ova di wall
everyday another innocent tru dem ball
how dem fi diss me wen dem know me naw stall
bad man deh yah king of di dancehall
harda dem come di harda dem fall
brand new dance we a teach over all

swingy wey (eh) swingy wey
put your foot over deh so let me see you dash ah way, and go so
swingy weh (wah) swingy wey
di a.k. in your arm from day before yesterday you betta
dash a wey (come on) dash a wey (come on)
brand new dance we a teach dem today inna yuh
swingy wey (yo) swingy wey (eh)
put down di gunz stop di war unno hear wah mi sey

[Verse 2]
roses sample 6 & john squaud
bogle nah deh ya but he out and bad
labba labba say him a dancing grand dad
hot monday me buss it fire links get mad
bomb a drop people say di dance a bahgdad
carnival time me mad out to trinidad
swingy weh rasta man nah nyam no ???
airforce me control nuff of dem ah run back
where di gal dem alone when mi fling meh rod
9 months time a likkle baby a trod
get a light and your tourcha john wave unno rag
new dance a buss we nuh dead like ???


[Verse 3]
inna di dancing ting a new style we a bring
everybody waan catch the new dance a name swing
foot a dash to di right to di left and a swing
money have big woman a give we everyting
hot gyal a swingy world [?]
and more gun over wall and buss more galling
danceing from kingston back to ??? catching
old people a dance and mad ah matching
their dancing cup me come to full to di rim
hot gal ah exercize and ah buss it inna di gym
yuh cacoom coom gal weh fat or slim
but any [?] light ah go dim


[Verse 2]

[Chorus x2]