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Artist: Beenie Man
Album:  Suh Mi Grow (S)
Song:   Suh Mi Grow
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

No game, no dirt, fresh like earth
Wa pants, wa shoes, heap a T-Shirt
Gyal in a blows and skirt
Money nuff up in a purse

Yo si me
Clean everyday man a suh mi born
Dem yah Lui V when mi put dem on
Gyal nuh stop look when mi step in a lawn
Money nough up in a pocket and a suh mi gwaan

August mi born mi nuh Capricorn
Bwoy a search and nuh know weh him catty gone
Badmind people fi get cap a corn
Money nough up in a pocket man a suh mi gwaan

[Verse 1]
To how mi boasty buy out the bar
Nuh insta and post hi
Collect medal and trophy
Just buy 10 acre a land down a Ochi
Mi definitely naw toast hi
Fi meck the million you haffi watch the stock closely
Shearer favor nanny suh mi gi weh dem mostly
Nuh argue wid broke pocket people fi boast mi


[Verse 2]
Me fraid a Alkaline Water
Man a all star like New Kidz and Author
Fashion night out you know I am a part a
Some a dem pop down like JOA starter
And every trend dem a follow mi a the start a
Suh mi haffi update mi style every quarter
Clean and come out mi beat dem like mata
Watch mi a pose wid Mrs Mary daughter




[Verse 1]